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FS2 Hair Loss Care Set Scalp

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FS2 Hair Loss Care Set

Hair loss!! Poor scalp blood circulation is the leading cause!!

Are you dissatisfied with previous hair loss products?

Patented technology of blood circulation improvement
Patent No. 10-1086504

The entirely different experience from now!
Treat your hair with FS2(Blood circulation improvement ingredient)!!!

Products Information
Volume or Weight : FS2 Scalp Activator (+) 60ml × 2ea, FS2 Scalp Activator (-) 60ml × 2ea, FS2 Hair Treatment Shampoo 200ml × 2ea
Method of Use : Refer the detailed page.
Manufacturer/vender : New&New/MY Company
Manufacturing Country : Korea
Main Ingredients : Refer the detailed page.
FS2 Activator Serum & Shampoo kit - 6 kinds (90 days of use)
FS2(BV2) Scalp Care Highly recommend to

- People who suddenly lose their hair due to stress
- People who have thin hair and whose hair break frequently
- People who want to experience professional care effect
- People who have resistance to previous hair loss products
- People who have resistance to hair loss hormone therapy edicines
- People who want to enhance the effect of other hair loss products
- Women who have limited choices ofscalp and hair care

Proper method of use of FS2 Scalp Activator Serum and Shampoo
When use in the morning

1. Apply FS2 scalp activation serum '+' (or A) on the scalp.
2. Apply FS2 scalp activation serum '-' (or B) on the scalp.
3. Mix together and massage gently for 2~5 minutes, Wait 10-20 minutes after massage.
(If it ts hard to apply on the scalp directly, mix '+' (or A) and '-' (or B) at a 1:1 ratio in a bowl. It will be easier to apply with brush.)
4. The same quantity of both serums should be applied, and may have better effect if you do massage.
5. After 10-20 minutes, shampoo and massage with FS2 Hair Treatment Shampoo. You may use another hair loss shampoo. 6. Rinse your hair after 5 minutes.

When use at night
1. Rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly with shampoo.
(You will see better effect if you shampoo with FS2 Hair Treatment or another scalp care shampoo.)
2. Apply FS2 scalp activation serum '+' (or A) on the scalp.
3. Apply FS2 scalp activation serum '-' (or B) on the scalp.
(If it ts hard to apply on the scalp directly, mix '+' (or A) and '-' (or B) at a 1:1 ratio in a bowl.It will be easier to apply with brush.)
4. Mix '+' (or A) and '-' (or B) evenly. Before go to bed, massage the scalp in order to pernetrate into the scalp well. Caution : We recommend using in the morning, if you may have sensitive scalp or seborrhea dermatitis.

1. People who use other hair loss products may have better effect with FS2 Scalp Activiation Serum.
2. For people having seborrhea dermatitis, if abnormal phenomenon occurs after using this product, please stop 3~5 days, then continue treatment. In serious situations, please go to nearby hospital for examination.
3. Compare the picture of scalp/hair condition-before and after use, it will be helpful to scalp and hair care.



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