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Bark Chocolate DIY Kit

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Pinafore is a baking concierge service that operates baking studios and delivers baking kits.
There are all the ingredients for daily amount in one box.(Easy-to-use box containing all ingredients, including dairy products)
With the Pinafore DIY Kit, Easy and convenient baking!
Ingredients contents
Brooklyn Cookie Mix, Honey powder mix, 1egg, Butter, Flour, Chocolate chunks, Walnut crumb
Packagin & Tools Components
Scraper, Butter paper, Recipe card+video
What is New York Manhattan Cookie?
Reproducing New York Manhattan Cookies, Pinafore & Juliana Recipes are Manhattan-style thick and moist x-cookies that are now in the spotlight.
Manhattan x-cookies crispy on the outside, moist inside! Create a different x-cookie.
Sweetness of new york
Manhattan chocolate x-cookies
1. Mix butter and honey powder mix for 4 to 5 minutes to make them creamy.
2. Mix eggs in a mixing bowl and mix well.
3. Sieve flour and x-cookie mix, and mix it by using scraper.
4. Add chocolate chunks and walnut crumbs and mix them properly.
5. Mix chocolate chunks and walnut crumbs and mix them properly.
6. Mix chocolate chunks and walnut crumbs and mix them properly.
7. Separate it with a spoon or a hand to a certain size.
8. Bake for 9 to 12 minutes in a 200 degree preheated oven.
1. Healthy baking made with high-quality ingredients
For women and children who love desserts, Pinafore makes up the kit with healthier and better ingredients. Sugar is replaced by organic honey powder and use natural milk butter and non-antibiotic animal milk.
2. Includes dairy products & baking tools to make baking even easier
The Pinafore kit is based on the principle of simplicity and good baking.
Using the tools and ingredients included in the kit, it reduces the inconvenience of having to prepare separately.
3. Reliable baking with reliable fresh packaging
Premium ingredients are shipped fresher & faster with regular delivery system.
It is packed in individual iceboxes to ensure the quality of the ingredients.
The reason why Pinafore is good
We'll also send you a video guide!
Friendly video with a bunch of tips for anyone to succeed.
Pinafore is a baking concierge service that operates baking studios and delivers baking kits.
Ingredients details
Walnut : Walnuts are rich in protein, iron and vitamins.
Almond : It is a natural food that can consume protein and dietary fiber at the same time.
Cashew nut : As one of the representative nuts, it makes a soft mouthfeel.
Blueberries : In the shells and seeds, there is an abundant anthocyanin, a flavoring agent.
Hazelnut : Aromatic hazelnut is rich in fiber and vitamin E.
Yogurt raisins : Yogurt is a lot of fermented bacillus, raisins are rich in iron.
Oat : It has High digestibility and vitamin B.
Lentil beans : It is rich in dietary fiber, rich in vitamin B, iron and phosphorus.
Cranberry : It contains Vitamin C.


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Pinafore provides unforgettable experience through baking desserts. With Pinafore Baking Kit, anyone can easily follow on the step by step guide on Pinafore recipe, to bake a delicious dessert by yourself. You have to have an oven, but you can not do baking. Pinafore will tell you how to cook easily at home without the oven. Perfect for finishing from material to packaging at once! Together with your child, your family, and your lover, make a difference. It will be shipped in one batch, and when shipped, it will be shipped in the ice box for safety.
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