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Dae-jang Sarang Fiber

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The big hit 'Dae-jang Sarang Fiber' was born again!
Contains 12 probiotics We will love large intestine!
"I was hungry and I touched my stomach.It's already full.."
Is that potbelly? Tell me.
So the Dae-jang Sarang Fiber is always with you.
Hello everyone? I am in carge of your regular motions.
I picked it meticulously.
Plantago is the shell of plantain seeds!
Insoluble dietary fiber is very abundant, which can help smooth out bowel movements. 
It can also help lower cardiovascular risk by lowering cholesterol, a risk factor for crdiovascular disease.
Aloe Avoresense,Plum juice extract powder,Green tea extract powder,12 species of probiotics,Protease amylase
Q&A Developer can answer.
Q. Can anyone eat it?
-It is a product that can be ingested for any age.
Among the plant ingredients, such as dietary fiber, which is the main ingredient.
It is a good health functional food manufactured in GMP environment by carefully selecting safe raw materials free from harm to human body.
Q. How many times a day should I eat?
1. 2cups of lukewarm water(based on paper cup)
2. Fill your mouth with a little water and put a bag.
3. Swallow with water.
4. 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule in the evening (2 capsules per day)
If you are in the second box
A person whose weight exceeds normal weight
1 in the morning,1 in the evening
A person whose weight is less than normal weight
1 in the evening
People who are skinny or cold
1 in the evening -Intake with warm water!
Q. If i continue to eat, doesnt't it get tolerance?
Dae-jang Sarang Fiber is not a cure or medicine!
It is a health functional food containing dietary fiber, probiotics, aloe and digestive enzymes among various ingredients that are essential for the field.
When we eat food, the five nutrients, carbohydrates and protein are absorbed into the body and used as an energy source.
Dietary fiber helps to remove residual waste from the body after absorbing nutrients.
If you eat brown rice, you will intake nutrients,dietary fiber, and digestive enzymes.
As you stop intaking brown rice, your health will not be worse than before,
you stop intaking Dae-jang Sarang Fiber, your health also not be worsen.
Q. What if you see dilute poop more foten?
It is not a mediacal person, and the product is not a medicine, but it may be different according to your body's sensitive level.
Age 65 and over / Those who have difficulty in daily life because they are reluctant to go out
1/2 in the morning 1/2 in the evening
Under 65 years old / skinny female
1/2 in the morning 1/2 in the evening
Age Under 65 years / Life is a bit uncomfortable
1 in the evening
Young and healthy but a little sensitive
1 in the morning 1 in the evening


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