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(INH) Camou Flower Case

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    Model (INH) Camou Flower Case
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    mobile phone case
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Title. Camou Flower

Camo Flower Floral Case - Happy Mori Floral Pattern Cellphone Case
Floral cases that I have been using recently
It is a floral mobile phone case.

People around me say I run a cell phone case manufacturing company.
I could change my phone case frequently ...
I always use defects or samples ~ heh
A few days ago, our son's big case (which is also sampled)

PASS to my husband! My husband and I are using the same sample as the iPhone 6. 

The weather is still cold enough to sting my ears ...
As soon as spring comes, my favorite floral case ...

Camo flower floral mobile phone case
At this time last year, The floral case designed by Mori Girl .

Designing a cell phone case last year
I think it was a year when I painted a lot of flowers.
There are also a few floral design cases that can not be completed ...
This year, I'm working on the baby's  big head cell phone case with cuteness.

The most basic color of camouflage, khaki color ...
For those women who like uncommon red color 
We also try to show variation in red color ...
(The red color was better, and I was also chosen red color.)

And men seem to like brown or blue color a lot.
There are three colors of navy color _ as outdoor feeling.

At the time, the hand model was the youngest designer 
Lovely, This is not her style like me ,Mori Girl.

She said that clothes and fashion accessories rarely had floral pattern.
But if you look at the top of cap with floral patterns,
This is a camo flower pattern floral mobile phone case

You can get a point as a small accessory ... Do not you think it will be burdened? 
A dress or t-shirt with a smooth floral pattern that I do not have to ...
I also like small accessories such as flower-shaped case-like musical instruments, floral ...
(I was such a feminine person?  personality is very shabby ~ heh)
If the floral handbags are burdensome men
How about the outdoor style of Camo Plage Navy color?
His girlfriend has a floral case
You and your boys are going to be okay with the couple's case?
However, our trading company president has a floral case of Happy Mori products

I am very good at doing ...
It also sells overseas mainly ...
Do not you hear anything around you? Boss ~ Will you be okay?
In fact, when I design a cell phone case because I love floral patterns
I use flowers every once in a year. ^^
Happy Mori, as well as other companies selling cell phone cases here and there
It looks like a lot of lovely floral handbags ...
I wanted to design a floral case with a little different flower pattern.
So what kind of flower do you want to draw ~
I watched the Sulse Day Isle of Lady I bought last spring
Ah! Military pattern! And the camoplage pattern came to mind.
So the harmony of the designed camo plaza pattern and the flower pattern
Happy mori flower pattern case of Camo flower pattern came out.
In the spring, people who wear a khaki color look very much.

I have three empty jackets.
Camo flower pattern floral case
Do not you think it will be a unique fashion accessory?

I saw the forsythia in the picture of last year's product

Just want to go out ...
The Han River is cold enough to freeze.
I do not know if the day will come before the New Year.
Every time I design a pastel tone floral cellphone case.
In the last spring, a mixture of chamomile flower and flower pattern
I designed a colorful floral case ...
After a year and a half again, the dark background of the khaki tone of the Camo Plage Pattern
Flowers of pastel colors, though colorful.
It looks romantic and subtle.

Camo Plage + Flower pattern with harmonious floral pattern
Happy Mori floral handbag case
Designed for a long time while changing the floral mobile phone case
I also post about the Camo flower floral case
When I look at the photographs that are full of spring smell,
My heart seems to be getting a little warmer.
If you're cold and do not go out and are cowering at home

As the spring comes,
How about planning a picnic or a trip?
I sleep with my baby every night and when the weather is warm on my cell phone notepad
I'm recording what I need to do.
As an excuse to be busy ...
I saw the back of my son playing alone at home.
I was a little sorry.
My mothers say they cut off Everland's annual ...
I am a working mum and I do not have the confidence to go every time ... I should also quit
I'm sorry to compare with other mothers ...
Anyway, just release the day ~
Let's go to play really fun place ~~ !!!

I promised her son.
I have written a post on the chuuji chi ...
Ohing? What is this picture ...
It is a picture that rushes whether it is really going out. Ha ha ha
Did you have any of these pictures? ^^ ;;
I guess I will not forget my appointment anyway.

Camou Flower of the Happymori
Floral Mobile Phone Case

I'll give you a free design.
I can not help but know ...
If you do not have a good product design to sell,
I am a designer but a representative who should lead my family.
It's more like pressure than when you're in the office. 
However, even if you do not know Korea well, it is comforted that it sell well in Japan 
The floral design of the cell phone case probably will continue.



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Happy Mori designs not only the digital device accessories concept, but also the young sense of design props / fashion props and accessory items that can express their own personality. Comfortable and pleasant illustrations, emotional and unique designs and delicate handicraft products in a small daily life are the warm feeling of Happy Mori who wants to communicate with customers with heart. Cell phones / smart phones are not just communication devices anymore. Software has evolved from a combination of science and humanities to an age of designing lifestyle beyond the convenience of life, and modern people are always holding smartphones wherever they go. Happy Mori also protects expensive smartphones, but it is more convenient than protection, and has an emphasis on design value creation as an individual personality item. Through the simple beauty born from small design items, I would like to sincerely hope that all the accessories and accessories used by the users will become their symbolic icon and fashionable personality.
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