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Professional home care product - VISS IPL

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    Model IPL
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    1 pack of lamp cartridge

Quick Details

  • Type: IPL
  • IPL+ RF: No
  • Certification: CE and KFDA
  • Place of Origin: Seoul, South Korea, Seoul, South Korea
  • Brand Name: VISS IPL, VISS IPL
  • Feature: Hair Removal
  • Orange Color: 1 pack of lamp cartridge

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details 1 main device + 1 cartridge for hair removal ( 5000 shots ) + 1 goggle + 1 manual 
( Cartridge for skin rejuvenation lamp or acne lamp is optional )
Delivery Time 2-7days



Viss Intense Pulsed Light Treatment Process:


VISS IPL Laser Hair Removal System uses the innovative Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to remove unwanted hair through a process called selective photothermolysis. When directed at the site of unwanted hair, the light is absorbed by dark pigment of the hair, disabling the follicle with minimal discomfort.

Handheld homecare IPL for hair removal and skin rejuvenation and acne treatment device.

IPL Hair Removal Disposable Lamp Cartridge (Mirror Type)
More Effective
uses a mirror technology, combined with a higher level of joules, to produce a stronger light, and more effective hair removal.
More Comfort 
Less heat on the skin, for a more comfortable experience.
Lasts Longer
up to 30,000 flashes, twice the life of the original VISS Hair Removal Lamp. Level 1 : 30,000 flashes,      Level 5 : 15,000 flashes,       Level 8 : 8000 flashes
IPL Skin rejuvenation disposable lamp Cartridge
VISS IPL technology rejuvenates the skin, so you can enjoy beautiful, clear skin everyday. It's designed for safe and easy use in the comfort of your own home.
IPL Acne treatment disposable lamp Cartridge
Photo-rejuvenation effectivly breaks down, and inhibits the development of the bacteria that causes acne and related skin problems.
IPL Hair Removal Disposble Lamp Cartridge (Old Version)
IPL Hair Removal Disposable Lamp Cartridge offers the fast treatment speed (up to 220 hairs/3.5 seconds) and the largest treatment area (6cm2) available. Each lamp cartridge includes its own skin sensor for added safety. This powerful lamp cartridge has a lifetime of up to 6,000 flashes – giving you more than enough lamp life to treat your entire body.
Features And Benefits
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Technology
Suitable for home use
VISS IPL uses a light-based technology called Intense Pulsed Light Treatment (IPL), which has been safely proven in clinical use around the world for over 15 years. The latest version of VISS silver IPL with free voltage brings this innovative new technology at home, allowing you to use it whenever you want in any countries.
Fast Treatment Time
Treat up to 220 hairs every 3.5 seconds
VISS IPL has a large 6cm2 (3cm x 2cm) treatment lamp (much larger than laser) with light pulse interval of just 3.5 seconds, targeting up to 220 hairs! No batteries to charge means no downtime between usage.
Long Lamp Lifetime
Estimated lamp lifetime : the low level : 30,000 flashes, the middle level : 15,000 flashes, the high level : 8,000 flashes
VISS IPL comes equipped with a powerful Japanese lamp cartridge that has a lifetime of up to 30,000 flashes flashes giving you more than enough lamp life to treat your entire body. Replacement cartridges are readily available anywhere VISS IPL is sold.
Optional Lamp Cartridges
For Photorejuvenation and Acne therapy
Hair removal is just the beginning! Our optional lamp cartridges can turn your VISS IPL into a sophisticated skin rejuvenation system and acne-clearing miracle.
The length of time for each session can vary from a few minutes to and hour or more depending on the size of the area. With continued use, you should see less hair re-growth. The hair that does return should become progressively lighter and finer. VISS IPL is simple to use, allowing you to select one of eight levels of intensity. When applied to skin, VISS IPL emits a short pulse of light, through an output window targeting up to 220 hair follicles in 3.5 second long intervals. In addition to effective hair removal, safety is at the heart of VISS IPL's design. This revolutionary device has been designed with a contact sensor to safeguard against misuse, and will not emit a pulse of light unless the skin sensor in contact with the skin. VISS IPL Treatments also does not require batteries or charging, so there is no downtime between treatments. Its compact size allows for easy handling as well as easy storage. If you have tried shaving, waxing and depilatories and grown tired of ingrown hairs, knicks, bumps and short-lived results, VISS Intense Pulsed Light Treatment (ipl treatment) is for you. This enlightened hair removal solution provides long term results with the luxury of being able to achieve beautifully smooth skin in the comfort and privacy of your own home as a permanent hair removal for men.
Permanent Hair Reduction
Permanent Hair Reduction
The pulse of light emitted by VISS IPL is absorbed by pigment in the hair shaft beneath the skin surface; this disables the hair follicle activity, preventing the hair from growing back.
Suitable for Most Hair and Skin Types
For both men and women
VISS IPL works effectively on (naturally) dark-blond, brown and black hair. VISS IPL is NOT effective for (naturally) red, gray and light blond hair. VISS IPL is NOT suitable for very dark skin (skin type VI)
Use it to Remove Hair Virtually Anywhere
Target your key areas
VISS IPL has been developed in close co-operation with leading dermatologists for a safe, effective and gentle application on arms, armpits, chest, abdomen, back, bikini area and legs.
Save Thousands on the Best Laser Hair Removal Machine
No appointment necessary
Professional IPL and Laser Hair Removal can cost thousands and require hours of your time and costly upkeep. One investment into VISS IPL allows you to achieve professional results at home, conveniently and more cost effectively.
Real Results
VISS IPL achieves great results in just a few simple treatments.
All after result photos taken 6 Months after last treatment:


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