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(INH) Summer Vacation Phone Case

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    Model (INH) Summer Vacation Case
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Summper Vacation 
Cool summer Vacation Style_In hands case
Iphone6 / Iphone6+ / Note4
Case that resort feeling as it is coolness is felt!
If you look at the tree of gentle waves and the beach of palm,
right now on I also have the feeling that you want to go play!
This summer is also expected to spend cool.
Cool girl - Summer girl of Hana-gara bikini is too hot beach.
Palm tree is full jere Paradise spread to figure back to tanning under the sun!
Cool boy - Summer Boy beach was wearing yellow shorts Sun glass.
Easy and reading spread to figure back to palm tree full ere paradise!
Case for you
It is not normal.
The slim yet neat case and crisp, clear design meet the most special case.

Perfect protection for camera & LCD
The case wraps around the front of the smartphone to protect the LCD from scratches and external 
impacts and protects the camera by wrapping it higher than the camera.
Designed for you
Unique and luxurious design of Happy Mori
*Precise design for users
There is no degradation in sound quality with an accurately matched speaker hole,
Wide charging portholes are compatible with a variety of charging cables.
In addition, you can use the convenience of the original device with an open button design.
*Even external shock OK!
Use shock-absorbing urethane material to completely protect your smartphone from external shocks.
*Wireless charging is also OK!
Wireless charging is possible without removing the case.
Using PC and jelly material, it has more shock absorbing rate than conventional case, 
accurate design and volume and power button and camera from impact and scratch
Protection, perfect operation and distinctive key feel.

What is a PC?
Polycarbonate (abbreviation of Polycarbonate) is a kind of plastic, about 150 times more than the tempered glass, impact resistance, heat resistance,
Weatherability and transparency.

-The body-integrated button cover for protecting the iPhone's buttons provides protection as well as a soft, comfortable button feel.
-The bottom surface applied to the back of the case prevents the cell phone from scratching.
-It is slim with a stable grip and has good grip on one hand.
-Soft buttons work better with buttons.


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  • 14-11, Sohyang-ro 13-gil, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea (14544)
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    14-11, Sohyang-ro 13-gil, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea (14544)
Happy Mori designs not only the digital device accessories concept, but also the young sense of design props / fashion props and accessory items that can express their own personality. Comfortable and pleasant illustrations, emotional and unique designs and delicate handicraft products in a small daily life are the warm feeling of Happy Mori who wants to communicate with customers with heart. Cell phones / smart phones are not just communication devices anymore. Software has evolved from a combination of science and humanities to an age of designing lifestyle beyond the convenience of life, and modern people are always holding smartphones wherever they go. Happy Mori also protects expensive smartphones, but it is more convenient than protection, and has an emphasis on design value creation as an individual personality item. Through the simple beauty born from small design items, I would like to sincerely hope that all the accessories and accessories used by the users will become their symbolic icon and fashionable personality.
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    Hand phone case
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    5~10 people

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