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Bio Science Age Renewal Solution Set

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    1,000 Set
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    5,000 Set per One-Time
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    Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa
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  • Brand
    DR. PRP
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Features
    whitening & Antiaging
  • Package Includes
    5ml * 3ea, 10ml*2ea
A luxurious skin care solution derived from the combination of the rare ingredients P1P and science
The perfect balance of wrinkles, whitening, and calming moisturizes and synergizes to rejuvenate the skin with a more youthful look.
Dr. PRP Magic Whitening & Antiaging Ampoule
It effectively delivers the active ingredients deeply and deeply to the skin, giving immediate vitality and energy to the skin, leaving it moist and vigorous all day long.
Dr. PRP Mela Care Ampoule
Provides skin deeply restored vitality. Dull skin tone is vigorously cured, uniform skin tone without dullness and light from the inside of the skin
Dr.PRP AC Repair Ampoule
Totorol, a natural antioxidant from Totara wood that does not decompose even after millennia, protects skin from harmful environments and fine dusts and protects skin from vitality and fine dust. Instantly soothes dead skin with a smooth, fresh skin.
How to use
After cleansing in the morning and evening, use an eyedropper and drop 3 ~ 4 drops on your face and spread evenly.
- I put an appropriate amount of lips in order to wear lightly.
- Using the palm of your hand, lightly tap to absorb the product.
- Move your skin from side to side with your palms wide. If you have come to the face line, give it a little bit of force.
- From the tip of the chin toward the temple, pull up to the palm of your hand to lift the flesh. If you come to the temple, press it with the same power.


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  • Jung-gu,, Daegu,, Korea (41958)
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www.theblack2.com Seller_Mail
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    Junmi Ahn
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    Jung-gu,, Daegu,, Korea (41958)
Do you know that when you apply animal or human blood to your face, your skin becomes smooth without wrinkles? In the Middle Ages it was said that the noble ladies used to purify the skin of people and animals to get rid of wrinkles. In fact, platelet-rich plasma, a component of blood, contains ingredients that make skin and hair repellent, and that is called S1P. In recent years, PRP has been used to extract blood plasma, apply injections or apply it to the skin. This treatment softens the skin texture and brightens the tone. But it would be very annoying to have such good results everyday to go to the hospital and draw your own blood? In addition, the products made with S1P are too expensive to be connected with the products. Thus, after a long period of research, we have developed a revolutionary micropolyoma and microemulsion technology that is structurally similar to S1P and has the ability to synthesize P1P, which is more effective than S1P, and intensively studies liposome technology to increase skin absorption rate We have developed skin products and scalp products by adding various growth factors and good ingredients.
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    Bio Science Age Renewal Solution Set
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    11~50 people


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