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Microfiber Bedding

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    SESA/SEAS Living
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    Republic of Korea
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    Microfiber (Polyester)
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    All Ages
What is the Microfiber Bedding? 
It is highly functional, anti-allergy fiber.
It is made of super-fine microfiber whose thread is one hundredth thinner than hair strand and therefore prevents the inhabitation and entrance of dust mites, which cause various kinds of allergic disease, such as rhinitis, asthma, and atopy, perfectly.
Welcron Microfiber bedding is highly hygienic as generating less fine dust.
It is suitably permeable in order to guarantee pleasant sleep and is also light and less crumply and dries fast so it is easy to use.
Characteristic of High Density Microfiber

 1. Allergy-free functional bedding (perfect prevention of dust mites)
As being of high-density microfiber material, it provides a healthy sleep environment by preventing the inhabitation and entrance of dust mites and various kinds of harmful substance perfectly.
2. Hygienic, generating almost zero dust 
In case of thread of natural fiber, such as cotton, has down stick out during the use and generates dust. However, Welcron Bedding generates a lot less dust and maintains a pleasant environment.
3. Odorless and pleasant through deodorizing action
The fiber itself contains less than 0.4% of moisture and therefore is hygienic as inhibiting unpleasant sweat odor as well as the reproduction of bacteria.
Cotton contains 8.5% of moisture (highly hydrophilic) and hence generates bad odor by bodily secretion, while Welcron Bedding maintains its odorless, fresh, and pleasant condition at all times.
4. Adjustment of body temperature with appropriate permeability
It is suitably permeable and therefore absorbs and discharges sweat
well and maintains regular body temperature for a good sleep.
5. Highly skin-friendly
It does not stimulate skin at all and is soft and light. It is also good for people who have sensitive skin and atopic dermatitis and gives a comfortable and relaxing sleep environment.
6. Easy to wash 
It is washable and dries fast and easy to store and practical. It has stable shape as being of superfine-fiber and high-density tissue and maintains a fresh condition even after frequent washing.


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    Digital-St, Guro-gu, Seoul (08381)
Welcron Group has 5 different companies and it is composed of consumer and industrial division. For Consumer division, we manufacture wide range of functional microfiber products such as Bedding, Cleaner, Filter and body armor. We also manufacture feminine products such as sanitary pad, tissues, baby diaper and mask. For Industrial division, we manufacture Energy&Saving Industrial plant, Food&Power and Desalination Plant and Green Energy Plant. Welcron - Bedding - Industrial Products - Eco/Hygiene Products - Nano-fiber Products Healthcare - Feminine Care - Diaper & Wet Tissue - Tissue - Cosmetic Global Vina - Microfiber Cleaner - Microfiber Bedding - Feminine sanitary - Overseas Production of Plant Facilities Kangwon - Chemical Plant - Power & Energy Plant - Green Energy Plant Hantec - Energy Saving Industrial Plant - Food & Pharmaceutical Plant - Power Plant - Environmental Plant - Desalination plant - General Construction
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    Microfiber Bedding
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    More than 10 billion (KRW)
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    101~500 people


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