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Fire extinguishing tool


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  • MOQ
    1 Carton
  • Supply Ability
    1 Carton per One-Time
  • Country of sale
    Asia, Americas, Middle East, Europe, World Wide
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  • Brand
    Fire extinguishing tool
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Material
    steel can
  • Package Includes
    Fortified Liquid K2CO3
  • Function
    Early fire protection tool
  • Style
  • Expiry Date
    8 years
  • age-appropriate
  • Features
    No safety pin/One-touch/Easy to use/Easy clean up
  • Color
  • Weight
In 1998, we developed the world's first innovative product as a "portable fire extinguishing tool" without safety pins for children, the elderly, women, and the disabled. 

Existing fire extinguishers require replacement, inspection, and recharge every year, and once used, there were many difficulties such as economic losses
in which many fire extinguishing agents were sprayed, inconvenience that caused damage to the surrounding environment,
and inconvenience of removing safety pins. And the elderly, the women, the children, the disabled couldn't use it.
However, our company compensated for the weaknesses of the existing fire extinguisher, making it available to the elderly, women, children, and the disabled, 6.5cm in diameter, 16cm in height,
and 350g in weight, and innovating the technology to safely use it in cars, from minus 30 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius.
Unlike other similar products, fire extinguishing agents does not harden as a liquid type rather than powder, and has an effective period of 8 years to make it a cost-effective product.
And it increased safety and efficiency by adjusting the spraying distance to 4m, and received type approval and KC mark from the Korean government agency

This product is an innovative public service product that can be used easily and conveniently by fire victims such as the elderly, women, children, and the disabled.
It is a product for the benefit of public interest, which can be used 

at any time, with it placed close at hand such as kitchen, camping ground, 

restaurant, hotel, hospital, bank, school, etc as a product which anyone 

such as women, children, the elderly and infirm, the disabled, etc 

can use easily.

In addition, this product is also used for souvenir at foundation day of, or 

to outside visitors to public institutions or local governments, promotional 

item of companies, free supply to senior citizens living alone or senior 

citizens' center in apartments or private houses.
There is no safety pin, so if you press the button, a liquid fire extinguishing agent will be sprayed, making it easy for anyone from the elderly, women, teenagers, and the disabled to use.
Liquid fire extinguishing agent do not harden, so they can be used as long as they remain (general fire extinguisher are replaced every year), and the validity period is eight years, which is economical.
Inside the can, a fire extinguishing agent is stored in a four-x-layer bag, making it safe to be inside a car in summer, and it is made with a product that does not freeze even in minus 30 degrees Celsius weather.
 [-22˚ F(-30˚ C)~176˚ F(80˚ C)]
It is excellent in extinguishing frying oil fires, car fires, and electric fires in the kitchen.
Restaurants and kitchen oil fires can be extinguished with just one product equivalent to one fire extinguisher.
Since it is a liquid fire extinguishing agent, not a powder fire extinguishing agent, it is a colorless, odorless fire extinguishing agent without residues after extinguishing the fire and is environmentally friendly using the propellant as pure air.


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  • Name : Miran Park
  • Tel : 82-516332734
  • Email : fire0102@firenara.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 11, Jaseong-ro 141beon-gil, BUSAN, KOREA (48742)
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Narasystems co.,ltd.

Narasystems co.,ltd.

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    11, Jaseong-ro 141beon-gil, BUSAN, KOREA (48742)
Company introduction In 1998, we developed the world's first innovative "portable fire extinguishing tool" without safety pins for children, the elderly, women, and the disabled. On the 41st Trade Day, our company has a tower of $1 million in exports, a Prime Minister's Award, a Distinguished Service Medal, and Korea won the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Award for Patent Technology Gold Award, and Japan TV Home Shopping We exported a lot of $2.5 million to Japan. We exported about 2 million products to 10 countries including Japan, the United States, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Ireland, the Philippines, and Vietnam through home shopping. Now, our company will do its best to improve the safety and happy quality of life of the world by upgrading to better products. Thank you.
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    powerpunch911(fire tool)
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    3~5 million (KRW)
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    5~10 people

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  • 11 Jaseong-ro 141beon-gil, Dong-gu, Busan (48742)

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