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Nature farm

Ice persimmon(70g)


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    Nature farm
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    Republic of Korea
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    Plastic container
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    Dry & Frozen
Persimmons are Asia's unique fruit, and native to Korea, China, and Japan. Dried persimmons have been considered precious from old times because they can be produced only a limited time during the year and in hew areas.
The major substance in persimmons is sugar. Dried persimmons contain a greater amount of calcium, Phosphorus, potassium, and sugar than raw ones. Dried persimmons are also rich in vitamins A and C and thus good for skincare and to fight colds.
Soft persimmon is good for a sore throat or thirst and dried persimmon is good for indigestion.
Character of our persimmon
1. Seedless
Our persimmons have an ovary instead of seeds. The Ovary has soft and chewy texture so you can enjoy it. In addition, it makes texture better.  

2. Flavor
The Flavor of our persimmons is more sweet and good than others. We have several ripen processes and it makes the moisture and sugar in persimmon to spread to the whole area.

3. System
We have a latest drying system and R&D. We developed products ourselves. We have been developing dried fruits so the variety of products will be increased. 
Ice persimmon is a natural ice fruit produced by Cheongdo Bansi which is well known persimmon variety in Korea. It contains lots of nutrients such as Vitamin A,C and Mineral. Ice persimmon is a popular dessert in summer. 
You can eat it by cutting into small pieces or scooping with spoon when it melts. Or blend it with water and honey by blender then you can enjoy it as a persimmon smoothie.  
We store persimmons in -50℃ cold storage immediately after all clean process so  we can supply best taste of persimmon all through the year.



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  • Name : Gina Lee
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • Hwayangeup, Cheongdogun, Gyeongsangbukdo (38326)
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Nature farm
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    Jung Soo Ye
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    Hwayangeup, Cheongdogun, Gyeongsangbukdo (38326)
The Persimmon Cluster(Nature Farm co. Inc.), approved of by the MIFAFF(Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries), is actively conducting Production, Sales, and R&D of Persimmon for its high-value-added. Presently it has a membership of some 3000 persimmon glowers and processors,universities, and central government and local government officials. Through our industrial skills and principle managing experiences we could make a changes in treditional market and by inventing a product which will lead of industries and improve the technology elevation to one more step forward. Products : Persimmon(Remove of astringency), Persimmon Wine, Dried Persimmon, Half Dried Persimmon, Persimmon Syrup, Persimmon Vinegar, Sweet Jelly of Persimmon, etc.
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  • Main Product :
    Dried persimmon
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
  • Total Employees :
    11~50 people


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