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Premium Bamboo Salt Classic 100g - Coarse

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  • Bamboo salt is a nine-time roasted sun-dried salt in bamboo receptacle. It is a salt that has a clear effect of cure and prevention for various human diseases.
  • Originally, Korean people had been using fried salt, or one to two time roasted salt in bamboo receptacle as a styptic, antiseptic when they could not digest well.
  • To make bamboo salt, minced sun-dried salt cultivated in the west coast of Korea is put into a bamboo receptacle made out of golden bamboo that is more than three years old, and then the inlet of the bamboo receptacle is plugged with red clay fetched from deep in a mountain and it is roasted in an iron pot over a pine charcoal fire nine times.
  • The major materials of bamboo salt are sun-dried salt, golden bamboo, pine, and red clay.
  • They all should be made in Korea. This is because the salt from the west coast of Korea on the Korean Penin- sula contains the bamboo grown in Korea also has many good properties needed


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Ocksujung Co.,Ltd.

Ocksujung Co.,Ltd.

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    109-6, Dabyeot-gil, Byeonggok-myeon, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea (50028)
Kim, Il-hoon, the Creator of Bamboo Salt The person who created the current bamboo salt by supplementing for the lack of a folk remedy by putting minced salt into bamboo or ceramic containers and roasting it for the multiple uses such as digestive medicine or salt for brushing teeth is Kim, Il-hoon (1909–1992) who is admired as an all-time great doctor. Although bamboo salt accounts for an extremely small part among the secrets of humans and the universe that Kim, Il-hoon found with his special insight, its various functions and uses cannot be explained as anything except for a mystery. The contents of the lectures he gave during his lifetime are valued as ‘guideposts for the health’ of modern people even now. Among those contents, we quote one phrase reflecting one aspect of bamboo salt. Making ‘God’s Medicine-Saving Life’ with the Water of the Pacific “When all lives are destroyed as the poison of red clay turns into a threat, how does a human become first? Hence, I use four out of five principles. That is the salt of the west coast of Korea first.” As the salt of the west coast of Korea is from the water of the Pacific Ocean, it has immeasurable resources. Therefore, I am saving endangered human life with that. As I know all the secrets of salt in detail, what I am saying is that processing the harmful substances of salt with high heat and then using it is good. What compounds come out if salt is processed using bamboo, pine tree resin, red clay, and the iron property of an iron tub, all the things where pollution cannot invade? I want to save even one out of 10 people who are dying in a world of pollution. I could save all, but if the medicine comes out when people end up dying after various incisions and taking pictures, it is difficult for it to be effective no matter how good the medicine is. Therefore, bamboo salt has unlimited secrets. And there is nothing that does not work when I experiment it. If something does not work, that is because the method is clumsy. ― From a lecture (1989.8.31) by Kim, Il-hoon, the creator of bamboo salt― Our Company “Nothing is more important than the health and happiness of the people who have close ties with our company.” Born in 1909, Kim, Il-hoon took care of mankind during his entire life. Based on the spiritual heritage of the great Kim, Il-hoon, Ms. Kim, Yun-ok founded the company, and we are carrying on in this spirit. Our success is to develop the culture that was formed by our spiritual heritage and the strategic principles established from that heritage. Our strategic principles find the value of mankind in a spiritual heritage based on the health of mankind and focuses on the development of mankind. We carry out all the following work with four growth factors for perpetual future growth: realizing value through innovation, practicing it excellently, pursuing global achievement, and completing our task through our leaders' altruistic example. We hope billions of humans will be healthy and live long and happy lives. A world where health develops into happiness is the aspiration of our family. Our Spiritual Heritage Our spiritual heritage means the contents of what Kim, Il-hoon gave in his lectures for the public and what he wrote in his own handwriting and his teaching, which was passed down to our founder Ms. Kim, Yun-ok. Based on this spiritual heritage, like a universe, we set corporate policies, realize values, and draw up practice tasks. Our own culture, formed from this, defines our values and the characteristics of our company and grants its identity. Our Aspiration Our aspiration develops from our spiritual heritage. “A world where health develops into happiness” is the ideal to which we desperately aspire.
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    Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic Gold 100g
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  • OCKSUJUNG ocksujung bamboo salt classic gold 100g(Coarse) /  silver 110g(Fine) with natural material
  • Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic Gift set Special Set Salt
  • Ocksujung Bamboo Salt Classic Silver 110g Fine and Gold 100g Coarse

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