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Gremanium Bracelet

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This product is made by grafting a medical permanent magnet. It is a magnetic field that is active and smoothes blood circulation and is effective for pain relief.
Four features
- Germanium sheet: Germanium is deposited on the entire inner surface, and the energy permeability is improved 2.5 times.
- Neodymium permanent magnet: The magnetic force generated by the interaction of N pole and S pole is effective for wrist pain relief.
- Polygene technology: We applied high quality germanium pattern pattern and polygene antibacterial coating technology.
- Band type structure: It can be worn without a separate buckle by detachable type using magnet.
01. What is germanium?
Germanium adjusts the balance of the body by controlling the current flowing in the human body. It also promotes metabolism, enhancing blood circulation and exhaustion of waste products and improving immunity.
02. As the surface area increases, the effect increases.
Unlike conventional methods that use germanium chips, germanium powder is processed into a sheet, and the effect of touching the skin is dramatically increased by about 2.5 times.
03. 2.5 times better efficacy than existing germanium chips
Effect of proven germanium sheet
The germanium sheet and the sheet processed with germanium powder have been analyzed precisely to have proved the superiority of the germanium sheet. In addition, we have obtained permission for medical device items with proven technology.
04. Effectiveness of germanium verified by erythrocyte experiments
Improve blood circulation and immunity
After using the product, it can be confirmed that the individual activity of the red blood cell has risen sharply. Therefore, oxygen supply is activated by wearing only for a short time, and the circulation of blood is improved, and immunity is increased.
05. Functionality and convenience at once
Structure of germanium sheet
The slip-mate germanium bracelet is a functional health product that combines specially developed germanium sheet technology to enhance the quality of the product with both wearing comfort and functionality.
- neodymium permanent magnet
Improved muscle relaxation and blood circulation
01. Enhancement of circulation of fluid through magnetic force
Medical neodymium permanent magnets
02. Exceptionally proven magnetic force
Neodymium permanent magnets effective for muscle pain relief
03. Germanium health bracelet to match my body's biorhythm



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    345, Seokcheon-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea (14501)
Sleepmate will develop as a company that develops and provides products that improve the quality of life by promoting health from children to the elderly. In addition, we use materials with superior efficacy and safety to maintain the health of consumers in supplying products, and strict and thorough We promise to be trusted and recognized company by supplying only products that pass quality control regulations.
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