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Heating Mat Double

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    Republic of Korea
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Different from existing electric mats, different heat mats
We have completely compensated for the disadvantages of conventional electric mats and hot water mats.
- Health: Helps to improve the constitution by using a heat room that generates a lot of far infrared rays.
- Economy: Monthly electricity cost is 1,000 won, so unnecessary power consumption is greatly reduced.
- Convenience: It does not break the heat even if it is washed by using the heating room which does not rust the water.
- Safety: In addition to harmful electromagnetic waves, it is safe from low temperature burn, electric shock and fire.
1. Heat generation room where a large amount of far-infrared rays are generated
A deeply penetrating warmth!
It is a product that is certificated by accredited certification body with high infrared ray emissivity level of medical device and it is excellent product for improvement of health and health while maintaining the effect of heat.
2. Alpha wave and seta to help healthy sleep
Far infrared power to help you sleep comfortably!
As a result of brain wave experiment at the sleep, the alpha wave and theta wave which help to sleep comfortably by the far infrared effect increased, and the beta wave which interferes with the sleep decreased.
3. Far infrared effect proved by red blood cell experiment
Blood circulation improves and immunity improves.
After using the product, it can be confirmed that the activity of red blood cells has increased rapidly.
Therefore, only a short use of oxygen in the body becomes active, blood circulation is improved.
1. Much lower strategic consumption due to low voltage use
We have reduced the excess electricity bill, which is a major problem of existing electric mats and hot water mats, with low-power technology, and reduced the household budget with an amazing electricity bill of 1,000 won per month.
2. Slim mate heat mats worry about electric charges!
The slip-mate warm-up catheter uses DC 24V low-voltage and is a low-power, high-efficiency product with much lower power consumption than existing electric mats and hot water mats.
1. Using special heating room with excellent flexibility
Wash your home with ease!
Since the slip mate warm mats are made of special heating room, they are tough and flexible unlike copper wires used in existing electric mats, so they can be washed or folded for storage.
2. It is designed to be the most comfortable streamlined design when you clench the existing uncomfortable design and hold it in your hand.
3. Separate the left and right sides of the mat to adjust the power supply and the temperature of each, and it is possible to adjust the temperature of one side to meet the individual sensation temperature, thus saving unnecessary electricity costs.
4. Using organic cotton, it is effective for sleeping with excellent sweat absorption rate and soft texture.



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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 345, Seokcheon-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea (14501)
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    Jinhui Back
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    345, Seokcheon-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea (14501)
Sleepmate will develop as a company that develops and provides products that improve the quality of life by promoting health from children to the elderly. In addition, we use materials with superior efficacy and safety to maintain the health of consumers in supplying products, and strict and thorough We promise to be trusted and recognized company by supplying only products that pass quality control regulations.
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    Germanium health bracelet
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    11~50 people


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