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dalba white truffle mist serum

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Dalba is skin care cosmetics made from raw materials (white truffle) of Italian clean area.
1. Dalba 7:33 Fantastic Water Pool Mask: # Root Pack (Pumpkin) # In Shower Mask # Gel Mask Pack # Morning Mask
2. Darba 7:33 Back Today Clean Night: # Spiked Cleanser # Gold Clay Cleansing Night # Soft Scrub # Applicator
3. Darba White Truffle Mist Serum: Combines the functions of toner and serum with avocado essential
4. Darba Ampoum Night White Truffle Eco Moisturizing Cream: Natural 95% moisture cream, for pregnant women and infants over 3 years old.
5. Darba Ampoum Night White Truffle Whitening Cream: whitening functional cream, diamond powder to improve complexion and toning effect
6. Darba Ampoum Night White Truffle Anti-Wrinkle Cream: Peptide instantly improves skin elasticity and fills skin energy


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D’ALBA STORY d'Alba is derived from d'Alba, an Italian sanctuary full of natural Gifts Including white truffles called ‘diamonds in the ground’. D’Alba, which means ‘dawn’ in Italian Will bring your skin to life with its unspoiled beauty, purity, and precious ingredients. WHITE TRUFFLE from Italy piedmont d’alba When white truffle is infused into skin care productsit is good for anti-inflammatory and anti-aging purposes. This ingredient contains a special enzyme called “Superoxide Dismutase”Which helps in repairing damaged skin While at the same time preventing The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is why this ingredient is considered as a “Super food” for the skin. It is packed with numerous minerals and vitamins. Its high vitamin C content is the main reason behind its brightening power. it also has vitamin B12 so that dark Spots and hyperpigmentation will also lighten. White truffles also contain vitamin B3 or Niacin, essential in Repairing damaged skin,vitamin B6, which prevents dry and irritated skin.that’s perfect for intensively treating Dark spots, blemishes, and dull complexions. An added benefit is long-lasting moisture sure to keep skin soft and supple. It is a skin-safe cosmetic product with proven natural origin ingredients. Synthetic preservatives, artificial coloring agents, synthetic artificial fragrance and up to 20 other harmful ingredients are excluded and scientifically proven natural ingredients are mainly used. d’Alba strives to make fundamental improvements to make our customers’ skin healthier. Synthetic preservatives, artificial coloring agents, synthetic artificial fragrance and up to 20 other harmful ingredients are excluded and scientifically proven natural ingredients are mainly used. d’Alba seeks only hypoallergenic and highly moisturizing cosmetic products. All our products are non-irritating and have been produced through research and development of highly Moisturizing functions.All the products of d’Alba have undergone non-stimulatory Clinical trials at KDRI and are safe products that have received 0 points for skin irritation. d’Alba’s products are manufactured following strict specifications. According to the CGMP standard, only high quality products are produced and managed with strict regulations.
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    Peptide NoSebum Mild gel Cleanser, Peptide NoSebum Balancing Toner
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    More than 10 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people


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  • d'Alba White Truffle First Spray Serum
  • d'Alba Waterfull Essence Sun Cream 50ml SPF 50+, PA++++
  • Fantastic Waterfull Mask Pack (100ml)