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Ms Neck - Light Therapy, Electrotherapy, Vibration Therapy - Helps Improving Wrinkles, Skin Elastici

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[Product Description]

Smooth Neck Line, Slim & Firm V-line Face

Vibration Therapy

Stimulation on Blood Circulation => Increase of Energy which is flowed into the Skin
Increase of Skin Elasticity by developing fine muscles

Color Therapy
450nm’s Blue Color gives Soothing Effect on Pimple and Acne
640 nm’s Red Color gives Cell Growth and Stimulation on Blood Circulation

IR (Infrared Ray)
840nm’s Near-Infrared Ray vitalizes Cell Restoration Mechanism
The Effect was proved after being applied to NASA(National Aeronautics &
Space Administration) and US Navy Special Force

Vibration Therapy

Vibration is Treatment Method for Physical Treatment, Rehabilitation Treatment, and Injury, etc.
-. Good effect for increasing of strength of fine muscles, bone density, blood circulation, lymph circulation, and basal metabolism
-. Good effect for decreasing of pain, tiredness, cortisol*, blood pressure, fat, and cellulite
-. Applied to the supportive program for Russian Astronauts for the purpose of increasing of muscles strength and bone density
(About 300 days longer in staying in space)
-. Better inflow of nutrients and hormone to the damaged tissue due to improving of blood supply by increasing fine muscles, nerve, and blood circulation
Cortisol* : Substance secreted by acute stress, which plays a role in supplying necessary energy against the stress

Color Therapy

Color Therapy is based on the fact that color energy flowed in
through the eyes and skin helps the function of body organs
-. Originated from the reference that Ancient Egyptians used
the color of the Sun for treatment of disease
-. Used to reduce stress
-. Widely applied in Psychology and Business
* Ms Neck applies blue & red color and IR(Infrared Ray)

Blue Color
The Color giving us Soothing and Relaxing mentally.
Restoring for both Tired Body and Mind.
Reducing Effect for Tension and Anxiety.
Moisture Supply to cells.
Cell Protection and Fast Healing after Injury.
Speed Up for Formation of Dead Skin Cell.
Sterilizing Effect & Reducing of Production of Sebum.

Red Color
The Color with a Long Wavelength giving us Life Energy. Good Effect for Cheering Up the Body and Mind by Increasing Passion and Energy. Increasing of Blood Circulation [Partly]. Improving of the Metabolism of Subcutaneous Fat. Improving of Skin Elasticity & Wound Healing. Reducing of Cellulites.

Infrared Ray

Invisible Ray.
Called as Heat Rays due to more Heat Behaviour than Visible or UV rays.
Wound Healing Effect by Energy Rising inside of Cells & Vitalizing of Cell Restoration Mechanism.
Fast Healing Effect from the Injuries in the Mouth
(Fast Growth rate of 150~200% in Skin & Muscle Cells).
Improving by 40% in Treatment for US Navy Special Force
(Reported by Milwaukee Wisconsin Medical School).
The Effect was proved after being applied to NASA(National Aeronautics & Space Administration)


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Mirang Co.,Ltd.

Mirang Co.,Ltd.

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Mirang, a specialized skin beauty equipment company, has established R&D Laboratory and Production Factory with the aim of developing authentic products and manufacturing products, and directly operates all the processes of product manufacturing, from product design to product design, equipment production, production and quality control. There is. In addition, Sales & Marketing Dept, which provides product training and marketing support for differentiated planning and sales promotion. We are a company that wants to become a brand that can dream of perfect beauty and a true partner that can realize this by operating a Customer Service Center that supports customer service and after-sales service. Mirang's products have been launched at domestic and overseas companies Amway Global, Korean Cosmetics, The Saem, Glycel, Rajin, CJ O Shopping, Lotte Home Shopping, and GS Home Shopping, and famous domestic department stores (Lotte, AK, Galleria, Hyundai, etc.) and duty-free stores (John F. Kennedy Airport, Doota, Shilla, Shinsegae, Hanwha Galleria, etc.) and retail stores (Lotte Hi-Mart, E-Land, Real Comfort, etc.).
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