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Heangbok Vitamin

Forest Foot Rest Sole Pads Pack of 14 - 7 time use - more than 6 hours foot reflexology aroma sleep

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  • Brand
    Heangbok Vitamin
    Model Forest Foot Rest Sole Pads Pack
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    60mm x 90mm
  • Weight
  • Function
    Restup fluid patch allows excellent far-infrared radiation for lighter and fresher feeling
  • Features
    Made with materials of the highest quality
  • Style

Eucalyptus patch product manufactured by KJI has strong and cool scent of Eucalyptus. According to Organic Facts, the scent of Eucalyptus can help remove exhaustion and mental sluggishness and is also effective in treating stress and tension from the body. With high content of oxygen, it improves one's ability to concentrate. Eucalyptus Sap Patch may help reduce body wastes by absorbing unnecessary moisture and sweat in the body and make human feel renewed by natural FIR (Far Infrared Rays) emitted from the powdered mixture in the patch. We strongly recommend you to use it when you feel tired and your feet are heavy, and then you may feel better. 

• Size: Sap Patch : 60mm x 90mm, 4g
• Adhesive Sheet : 95mm x 132mm

Function of Sap Patch
Using sap patches can provide the following benefits:

• Helps absorb body wastes.

• Helps stimulate reflexology points of the sole.

• Helps reduce minor irritation.

• Helps support general health and wellness

• If people feel heavy and tired, these signs may indicate that there are body wastes in their bodies, in these cases, applying sap patches to the soles of feet can make their body feel lighter due to the powerful absorbency of sap patches for body wastes.

• If people who are undergoing much stress from their daily life such as hard workers, examiners, employees, housewives, etc. use sap patches composed of beneficial natural materials and tourmaline which emit natural far infrared rays, they lighter and refreshed as if they walk in forest.

• Sap patches are also recommendable for the aged people to maintain general health and wellness.

Applying the theory of Osmotic Pressure to sap Patches
High levels of natural FIR can be found in our natural environment.Sap patches emit natural Far Infrared Rays through the combination of natural ingredients in them. These rays resonate with the body's own energy to warm the body. This results in maintaining blood circulation around the feet and opening the pores to eliminate excrement which are drawn out under Osmotic Pressure from the blood and lymphatic systems. It is similar way to when we work out at a gym or when we take a sauna.

Product Description
• One of the best aroma therapy is rose oil. It is very effective for skin health and makes people relax.

• Fatigue recovery and pain relief !

• Basically use this product on the sole of foot because many important points are there,but you can use this any tired part of the body.

• Made in Korea
- 100% Origin of Korea from R&D to production.
- We have the technical tie-up with the Suzuki Yushi Industrial Co., ltd(Japan)

• You have to select high quality product for your health 
- Strong quality control and certification

How to Use



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• Take off a middle paper from adhesive paper. Spread the powder in the Sap Patch evenly and stick it on the printed side to the adhesive paper. Apply it to the applicable part of the body, pressing lightly.

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•  It is basically applied to the sole of the foot and other parts of the body where uncomfortable.


• Apply them on both soles of the feet before going to bed and take them off next morning. Wash your feet well after taking them off.

• Don't pull or extend the adhesive Patch, which is made of soft materials, because it may be hard to take them off

• Make sure to apply the printed part of the SAP PATCH to the adhesive sheet and the white side with small holes of the SAP PATCH should be applied to the soles of the feet or painful area of the body. For ONE TOUCH TYPE SAP PATCH, you may use the all-in-one sap patch directly after tearing off the plastic cover for protection.

• Make sure to apply sap patches to the soles of the feet just before bedtime. If you apply sap patches to the soles of the feet while you are working at daytime, you may have unpleasant experience because the materials mixed with sweat come out

from patches may dirty your socks. But, you may use sap patches other areas at daytime.


1) Normally, you should apply sap patches to the soles of the feet before going to bed during 6~8 hours and detach them the next morning.

2) When you apply sap patches to the irritated areas of the body, you can expect the synergy effect from applying sap patches to the irritated areas of the body and soles of the feet at the same time. Sap patches applied to the other areas of the body except soles of the feet doesn't tend to be wet with sweat and body wastes. Therefore, when you apply sap patches to the irritated areas of the body, you should apply them to not only the irritated areas but also soles of the feet. Moreover, when you apply sap patches to the irritated areas of the body, make sure to apply sap patches to the areas more widely including irritated areas since all areas of the body including irritated and swollen areas can discharge the wastes. If you find the right area to be applied, you may apply sap patches there intensively.

3) If your skin is delicate, be sure not to apply sap patches for a long time.

4) Once you open the package, try to use sap patches as soon as possible to prevent the influence from the humidity.

5) Please do not take out the mixed powdered ingredients in the patches.

6) Please keep sap patches out of the reach of children.

7) Store sap patches at dry and cool places without direct sunlight.

8) If some troubles and allergic reaction are on your skin, stop using them and see a doctor right away or go to the clinic.

9) Don't try to apply sap patches to the injuries and open wounds. 

10) Consult with a doctor before using sap patches if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have any existing medical condition.

11) This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Please Note
We strongly recommend you to apply sap patches during 6 to 8 hours a day. But because you have your own metabolism and personal difference, you may apply sap patches 2 to 3 hours more than the recommended time.



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  • Name : Jong Dae Kim
  • Tel : 82-28314778
  • Email : jongdae514@hanmail.net


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 10 Yeouidaebang-ro 43ra-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (07358)
Haengbok Vitamin

Haengbok Vitamin

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    10 Yeouidaebang-ro 43ra-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (07358)
Haengbok Vitamin Haengbok Vitamin was established in 2007 and now distributes the highest quality goods to about 200 on-0ff line partners in Korea. We mainly handle health care products including sap patch, healing mat, mask pack, kinesiology tape and other beauty products, and supplying to the major distribution channels ; Home plus, E-mart, Lotte mart and Hanaro mart etc. We are doing the best to develop new products continuously and improve the product quality to expand our business to the world and contribute to the people’s healthy life as a leading distributor and a manufacturer in the world. Established in 2007, Haengbok Vitamin is a specialized company to manufacture and distribute patcheswith the highest quality for 200 on-/off-line companies. We are doing our best to develop new products and improve product quality and expanding following the global generation to lead healthy life for a customer and to become a global company.
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