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Black Ginseng Tea total infusion_20 tea bags

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    DANURIM Co., Ltd.
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    Republic of Korea
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    Individual packaging
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    2 years from date of production
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    all age group
Black ginseng refers to a black coloured ginseng that is steamed and dried nine times the fresh ginseng.
Black ginseng has superior effect for human health called as wonder drug of mankind and it contains much higher effective ingredient, Ginsenoside(Saponins).
So it can be thought as the red ginseng contains more nutritions than fresh ginseng, and the Black ginseng contains much more nutritions in it than red ginseng. 
The reason is that during the steaming and drying process for making fresh ginseng to black ginseng some chemical ingredients are created and it becomes as new bio active substances.
Generally, there are special ingredients only for black ginseng and not included to fresh ginseng and white ginseng etc.
When the fresh ginseng steamed 1st, it becomes as red ginseng and by steaming and processing several times, the color, taste and good effect change from first.
Additionally the other medical ingredients such as Protopanaxadiol and Protopanaxatriol Saponins are significantly increase.
Though there are little difference, those ingredients which are containing to Black ginseng are contained much more to black ginseng than fresh ginseng and white ginseng.
From body to roots, it contains the whole black ginseng. It is simple tea-bag type for easy drinking.
Infusing soft flavor and taste, you can taste the naturally matured black ginseng’s original taste.
You can also check the particles of black ginseng during infusing.


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  • Name : Chae Ryeong Lee
  • Tel : 82-424873287
  • Email : danurim@hanmail.net


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • Ojeong-ro 9beon-gil, Deadeok-gu, Daejeon (34442)
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    Chae-Ryeong Lee
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    Ojeong-ro 9beon-gil, Deadeok-gu, Daejeon (34442)
Since setting up the company in 2007 as a company whose philosophy is to practice the right food culture, we have impressed our customers with the development, continuous research, and diverse needs of our customers. Since its inception, we have applied for and registered 6 patents and secured reliability through HACCP certification and domestic and international certification by investing in steady product development and research. We develop patented technology to maximize effective ingredient preservation using saponine content higher than ginseng and red ginseng independently, and come with a variety of " fully-fertilized black ginseng " brands. The preserved essence can be brewed directly in the home within the black ginseng. As a quality black ginseng product based on these technologies, sales volume is steadily increasing by focusing on exporting as well as securing domestic customers. Danurim Co., Ltd is a venture company that ginseng processing. We have a corporate philosophy that practices the right food culture. We have grown to target the satisfaction of consumer requirements through various research and development of black ginseng since its foundation in 2007. We have patents based on "Brewed Black Ginseng Manufacturing Technology" and We are producing products with our technology. The main product groups are Black ginseng, Red ginseng, and Gyeongbanghwan, and all products are made from good natural materials only. We have established reliability through domestic and overseas certification to make safe and good products and We are conducting a thorough inspection. We are making inroads into the domestic market as well as the overseas market through patents and certifications and growing into an export company. We will take the lead in creating an honest food culture in the future.
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  • Main Product :
    Entirely Brewed Black Ginseng Whole Root
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
    Less than 100 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people


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