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blf03 black for women

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    Model blf03
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    Republic of Korea
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    air-pass technology

Breathing air pumping cushion Comfort shoes / diabetic footwear: Air room
and air circulation way are installed in the shoes outsole
and air-pass technology is applied to suck the fresh air from inside the shoe when walking.
Breathable air-pumping cushion comfortable shoes "that simultaneously satisfy both the ventilating function
and the air cushioning function.
When walking on the ground during the walking process,
the air in the air chamber of the shoe floor window is squeezed into the shoe through the ventilating hole of the midsole,
When the shoe is lifted in the air, the shoelace air chamber that was squeezed is restored to its original shape,
and the air is drawn in through the air-inhaling hole provided at the back of the shoe,
It continuously circulates the air inside the shoe as well as providing a comfortable and comfortable cushion feeling
by the air pumping cushion action due to repeated shrinkage and restoration of the shoe bottom window.
By eliminating the external fresh air inflow and circulation,
it suppresses malignant bacteria, eliminates foot odor and improves blood flow, relieves foot fatigue,
and provides comfortable comfort to the feet by air pumping cushion effect on the floor window to prevent Diabetic Foot Disease
It is also helpful shoes.


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  • Name : junyeon won
  • Tel : 82-07078181500
  • Email : comforshoe@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • wellsheos korea, gyeonggi-do, sungnam-si (13174)
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wellshoes korea
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    kyungsuk kim
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    wellsheos korea, gyeonggi-do, sungnam-si (13174)
Wells Shoes Korea Co., Ltd. specializes in breathable air-pumped cushion comfort shoes with specialized ventilation and air cushioning capabilities. We have patented technology related to air cushion function, ventilation function and airpass technology of shoes. Wells Shoes Korea Co., Ltd. is committed to contributing to the happiness of human beings by providing comfortable shoes that protect foot health based on innovative technology. Since 2003, we have been trying to make more comfortable shoes with excellent ventilation function. The function of breathing the fresh outside air into the shoe and circulating the air (ventilation function) (Cushion function) is now possible to make the world's first combined shoes. Based on these technologies, we won the silver prize at the International Invention Exhibition organized by the Korea Invention Promotion Foundation in 2014, and won the Excellence Prize in the 2014 Seongnam Founding Contest held by Seongnam Industrial Promotion Foundation.
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    Color Cast Shoes,Toe Guard,Cervical Neck Collar,Electric Fomentation Hot Pack
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    Less than 5

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