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STRAPS Customizing Handcraft Safety Wrist Strap Durable Lightweight Resistant Paracord Accessory

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    Republic of Korea
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    Black, Navy, Red, Sparkle Black and Sparkle Blue
  • Straps is a specially designed product with expertise and attention of skilled professionals
  • Add a distinguishing touch to all your prized possessions whilst it reduces the likelihood of dropping or losing your items
  • Made with a Paracord material
  • Very durable, lightweight, heat/moisture resistant
  • Comes in 3 Product Lines of Original, Region Line and Nature Line

Product Description

Straps is specially designed from material selecting to the final production. 
It is a product that was manufactured with expertise and special attention of skilled professionals. 
Made with a Paracord.
Paracord is a lightweight, highly durable, heat/moisture-resistant material, that is commonly found 
as suspension lines of parachutes and general purpose utility cords by both military 
personnel and civilians.
The Paracord material is braided from several strands and the core made up with multi-ply yarns. 
It is handmade by our experts to guarantee the quality of our product.

Straps is strong enough to secure personal items such as water bottles, umbrella, cameras, 
pouches and more.

Straps was created to add something special to your valued items whilst reducing the fear of 
dropping or losing your most prized possessions.
It is called “straps” as it allows you to attach unique personal tokens to objects you never want to forget.

Comes in 3 Product Lines:
Original - Black, Navy, Red, Sparkle Black and Sparkle Blue.
Region Line - Serengeti, Rio, Miami, Amsterdam and Seoul.
Nature Line - Amazon, Stone, Cloud, Iceberg and Aurora.


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  • Name : Sanghyeon Hong
  • Tel : 82-07051182512
  • Email : shhong@sampartners.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 8, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (06163)
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    Jihun Kim
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    8, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (06163)
Super Concept (Note) is a subsidiary of design professional Sam Partners and is a branding design management and productiondistribution professional company comprised of designers from various fields. The staffing team consists of the Deager team responsible for the brand design management of the client company and the retail team that produces and distributes advanced design products developed by the company itself. Based on these team configurations, we provide a variety of brand management services in various fields. At the same time, we develop excellent products with our design capabilities and introduce them to the market through our own brands. From material selection to final production, Straps are manufactured with expertise and special attention by skilled professionals. Made from paracord (the highly durable and heat/moisture-resistant material used to make parachutes), Straps are strong enough to secure personal items such as water bottles, umbrellas, cameras, and pouches, and they can easily be attached to any objects. All of us have objects that we feel attached to and value. Straps started as a brand that aimed to add something special to people’s most prized possessions — something that imbued these objects with uniquely personal dimensions, adding a distinguishing touch while eliminating your fear of dropping or losing your valued belonging. We wanted to create a product that could link you to others, connect the past with the present, and keep nostalgia near. We call this product “Straps” because it allows you to attach uniquely personal tokens to the objects you never want to forget. The brand concept of Straps is the “link” as a new value added to fashion accessories, and the token that ties the user with someone else, the past with the present, and the product with memories. Users can choose from three themes, 15 different designs to express individuality, and it can be applied to various products such as umbrellas, water bottles, and cameras.
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