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HIPPO magnetized water device, helping germinate in a natural way.
HIPPO- magnetizing water device can turn agricultural water needed for crop breeding into magnetized water and supply to crops, improving quality, increasing output and prevent diseases and insect pests.
The water for agriculture and animal husbandry in most countries is mainly natural water in which a large molecular mass consisting of more than 15 molecules of water. The activity of this kind of water is poor and the permeability is low, as well as its ability to dissolve, carry and transport the nutrients needed by plants and animals is insufficient.This will result in a lot of wast for most part of the water and nutrients are excluded.This is the important reason why the cultivation and planting industry still use extensive management and high investment so far.
By using HIPPO magnetized water device, the water will change into small molecules and other physicochemical changes will also occur, which can easily solve this kind of problem.
These changes are beneficial to the growth of crops. Especially after the reduction of association degree, water is more easily permeable through the semi permeable membrane of cells, which is favorable for the transportation and utilization of nutrients.
In the study, it is found that the small molecular mass of water after magnetization can produce the following effects on agricultural application: irrigation can increase the yield of crops. By watering, the fruit is bigger, the result is longer, the yield is increased, the fructose content is increased obviously, and the fertilizer applied decreases, which has significant economic benefits.


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  • 679-57, Geumil-ro, Samseong-myeon, 충청북도, N/A (27653)
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Hippo Company
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    679-57, Geumil-ro, Samseong-myeon, 충청북도, N/A (27653)
"We are a leading company that develops and manufactures products with high efficiency & quality as we have succeeded in making compact Electric Water Magnetizer for shower, and Magnetic water purifier for human's health.We hope our products that Magnetic water treatment device and Magnetic water purifier help your body healthier and make your life better. The high magnetized waterworks and air purifier developed by the company can effectively solve the problems of domestic tap water pollution, water degradation and indoor air pollution. All products, including enzyme series, cosmetic series, personal care series, health sleep series, multi-functional health pot sets and so on, have excellent material selection, advanced technology, health and environmental protection, and have won the good reputation of users. The specialists of our company, bearing the missions of “making the world more beautiful"" and ""making the people more healthier"", devote all their contributions to the advanced technological products. In the pursuit of their personal interests, we will never forget the morality, and never forget to repay the society and benefit others. Under production center, a testing center, a marketing center, logistics center etc. In the production process, we have built the whole industry chain mode of raw material selection globalization, finished product processing integration and digitalization, number bottle bottling, full automation, quality inspection,and 5A level standardization."
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