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Yeongam Fruit Farm

Pine needle vinegar 420ml

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Pine needle vinegar from South Korea, drink with milk or water 420ml
The medicinal components of pine needles are higher than other parts of pine. They contain not only a large number of biological flavonoids and proanthocyanidins, but also rich chlorophyll and vitamins. Pine needle extract can be used for dilatation of arterial blood vessels, increase the capacity of red blood cells to carry oxygen, promote blood circulation, improve capillaries function, improve immunity, increase hormone secretion, improve sperm and make body tissue younger.
The pine needle vinegar is very convenient to drink by mixing with water and milk, which makes you enjoying every day of life.
The pine needle vinegar contains substances which are extracted by from fresh pine needles. We follow strict guidelines to protect the natural properties of the vinegar during extraction and packaging. Our vinegar is high grade for maximum potency. All pine needle vinegar are  produced and packaged in South Korea to ensure best quality.
Pine needle is a representative part of pine medicine. Its taste is bitter, non-toxic and mild. Its extract contains plant enzymes, plant fiber, growth stimulating pine needle, protein, fat and 24 kinds of amino acids. Pine needle has the function of lowering blood pressure. Pine needles are rich in beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. These three substances are called antioxidant Golden Triangle.
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Yeongam Fruit Farm
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Yeongam Yeolmae Nongwon Introduction All of representative Lee, Young Suk's family members including his parents and seven siblings suffered from hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Thus, she was greatly interested in health problems. She then came to know an enzyme and experienced its efficacy with all family members. Her siblings had greatly gotten better from kidney stones and cysts through an instant enzyme program. It gave her a sense of satisfaction and she has made an enzyme for 30 years. People experiencing her enzyme got really good effects and began to introduce her enzyme method. Many people preferred her enzyme and finally a production line was built. The Lee Youngsuk Enzyme has used eco-friendly, nonpollution, and nonpesticide materials directly grown in Yeongam. She prepares an enzyme with a strong belief that diseases that cannot be cured by food cannot be cured by any medicines. She was selected as an enzyme master by the Myeongin Myeongchon Program of Hyundai Department Store. Main Products The Fig Enzyme is made of traditional small fig seeds grown a nonpesticide method rather than big fig seeds. Because the unit cost of fig is expensive and fig has a nature of absorbing like a sponge and can make only little extracts, its viability is low and its commercialization is difficult. However, with a lot of research, we succeeded in its commercialization and are now applying for a patent. This product is made by fermenting 100% fig extracts for three years. Fig is really effective for hypertension, constipation, women's diseases, revitalization, digestion, alcohol poisoning, and fish poisoning. In particular, Korean people tend to be acid because of living on rice, but fig makes our body alkalic and helps maintain good health. Unlike other fig jams that use fig peels and starch, our fig jam is made without peels and any additives. According to Bonchogangmok (Botanical Lists in English), "as pine needles remove tumors, regenerate hair, and make five vital organs comfortable, if we eat them raw for long, we will enjoy eternal youth." While pine needles often grow with a lot of strong pesticide, we only pick up natural pine needles to use for an enzyme. Unlike other enzyme combinations made only of wild grasses, our enzyme combination is produced by 100 fermented wild grasses, fruits in season, and local specialties such as cactuses, figs, mulberries, wormwood, ume, and angelica for over 10 years. We only deliver safe products that the ingredients test. Since all products also pass very strict quality inspection by Hyundai Department Store, you may enjoy our products without hesitation. Vision and Slogan To be company that produces the best quality traditional fermented foods of Korea.
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