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    Model IDO-CUBE-E12
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    Republic of Korea
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    10*10*10cm 14.4g(1.2*12Tea bags)
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    Fermented Herbal Tea
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    Glazed skin, Prevention of skin trouble
  • age-appropriate
Beautiful, clean and healthy skin, you should start with inner peacefulness. 
Specially made for health of the skins 
Is made from a clear inner body.
You can go beyond the limitation of make-ups with Fermented Tea.

 Enamor tea is made from Organic Tangerine peel, Kudzu root, Scutellaria root, peony root.
 Now, protect your skin from burning sunlight or dry winter wind, with this tea.
 You can achieve it, with the edible skin care product: Enamor Tea.  
1. The Fermented Jeju Citrus Peel  revives the taste of the agedpeel with well fermented citrus peel. 
Though we feel less flavor of fresh citrus, we can enjoy new taste of the fermented citrus peel for a long time without adding sugar or honey.
Does fermentation of organic citrus peel comfort stomach?!
With reference to the traditional medicine that has been used 4~5 year-old dried citrus peel for stomachache, we have created a similar taste of tea through the fermentation process of organic citrus peel carefully collected.
The scientific name of the citrus produced in Jeju island, Korea, is Citrus Unshiu Markovich.
The ingredients such as Catechin and β-cryptoxanthin are overwhelmingly richer than oranges. 
It gives deeper taste and flavor by reducing strong flavor and sour taste than other citrus peel.  
2. Kudzu Root!  Having seen the amazing forces of kudzu root (pueraria) towards the deep ground, our ancestors would have recognized the power of kudzu.   It is softer and clearer than kudzu extract and thus you will enjoy the comfortable feeling the moment you drink. Imagine. The Fermented Kudzu  drilling a blockage with the ground-digging force .It is all natural. The kudzu is an attractive plant which is popular but called as a pearl in the ground and welcomed by scientists worldwide who are looking for healthy materials.

The scientific name of kudzu, which is alkaline, is Pueraria Lobata Ohwig. It contains abundant Potassium, calcium, phosphate, vitamin B, and, in particular, ingredients such as Puerarin, Daidzein, Miroesterol, etc.  It is a healthful Fermented Kudzu Tea which is good for hangover as well as women of 40~50’s due to its abundant vegetable in isoflavone.

3. Scutellaria root, As major components, Baicalein, Baicalin, Wogonin, Wogonoside and etc. are known.
It is widely known used as the skin-related several functional foods or cosmetics.
This tea plays a key role for this Scutellaria baicalensis GEORGE to influence the metabolism and affect the skin.  
4. The Peony is excellent in releasing knots. 
The beautiful and gorgeous red peony flower is a known plant which is good for women. 
The peony has a strong characteristics and contains unique flavonoid ingredients which generate a bitter taste. 
By changing into smooth and deep disposition through the fermentation, it becomes a proper material for a good tea.
The root contains ingredients such as paeoniflorin, paeonine, alliflorin benzoylpaeoniflorin, oxypaconijlorin, etc. 
It is a plant that does not require additional explanation because it has been already too famous in the Orient. 
Enamor tea plays a role to relax knots.  It is the reason that the knots must be loosened first so that impurities can be discharged out of the body.


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Good medicinal herbs tea for body. but do you put distance to keep tea with strong taste and flavor? IDOs new fermented technique allows a smooth taste and fragrance for body and make absorbing well. It is new concept wellbeing tea that Men and women of all ages and foreign enjoy drinking caffeine free fermented tea. the Korean representative fermentation oriental medicine tea that will surprise the body of the cosmopolitan - IDO fermentation oriental medicine tea Ido is a company that researches, develops, manufactures and sells a fermentation oriental medicine tea and fermentation oriental medicine cosmetics etc combining with the principle that our earth has purified by itself from the beginning with the power of fermentation. The solid fermentation technique only by Ido that is born newly by combining the fermentation principle that is found from the traditional fermentation food of Korea with a modern science, it enables to apply not only to the various functional raw material market but also to the high value-added , well-being food and cosmetics. The raw material of fermentation uses Korean product that is based on the original plant in order to increase the effect and efficacy, uses an organic or natural medicinal herbs, the mix and the combination of material produces the high functionality fermentation product that can purify the body of modern people cleanly and healthy whom is exposed to the various modern disease like a high blood pressure, diabetes, atopy, gout, rhintis etc. "IDO" means right way for healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy life. “IDO” put the right way in a cup of tea from the selection of good raw materials. We would like to introduce you, who know the value of fermentation and aging, Korean fermented herb tea. From Now, make a dietary treatment simple and easy with a fermentation oriental medicine tea treatment( tea therapy) !! The tea that can remove a waste every inch of the body. No caffeine, No additives, No preservative. Do the tea therapy clearly and lightly up to the inside of body of modern people who eat the high calory food. For the people who drink often because of business, the professional and test-taker and who use a brain a lot , for the dedicated mother to the health of family, From now, give a present a high quality health with the fermentation oriental medicine tea from Korea. Ido tea is researched and developed customized tea of "one hundred years time" that it prevents a disease and look for health life through therapy research institute approved the small and medium business administration... There are two kinds of tea : Teabag tea and loose tea Teabag tea is zipperbags form so it is convenient to carry and enjoy drinking anywhare. Loose Tea is cheaper than teabags tea and you can eat tea for a long time. IDO Fermented tea can be brewed well with small quantity and used coffee maker to brew. You can enjoy IDO tea with family and colleagues all day long in company and the home.
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