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Suede advanced pocket Jung

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1) Mouse pad: This pad is made of micro-fiber. The upper part of the pad is digital-printed and the bottom of the pad is coated with silicon. As there are 3 functions, it is very effective when using a notebook.:1. Mouse pad function. 2. Liquid crystal cleaner function 3. Liquid crystal protection function.(MODEL NO:DY-10)
2) Lens cleaning liquid: As it is a spray type, this product is easy to use.
If you spray it on glasses, cameras, mobile phones, and LCD monitors and wipe them with micro-fiber, they become very clean. As it has an antibacterial function, it is also good for personal hygiene. Besides, it also has antistatic effects and defogging & defrosting effects.As it is made of vegetable raw materials, it is harmless to humans and you can use it without worries. (MODEL NO:DY-11)
3) Car-cleaning towel: As it is made of micro-fiber fabric, it is excellent in absorbing water and remove foreign substances perfectly without any scratch. As fabric is added to the edge of the towel and sewn nicely, its design looks great.(MODEL NO: DY-12)
4). Digital photo cleaner: As the micro-fiber high-quality fabric is used, it can perfectly remove dust and foreign substances when it cleans glasses, camera lenses, mobile phones, and monitors. It does not cause any scratch. We make it colorful by digital printing with images requested by customers.
5) Bio-cleaner: The bio-cleaner is a glasses cleaner made of micro-fiber. The back of the bio-cleaner is specially coated. As the bio-cleaner is easy to hold with a hand and not slippery, you can use it conveniently when cleaning glasses. (MODEL NO:DY-14)


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    daeyang international, gyeonggi-do, paju-si (10939)
Our main business is to rediscover export opportunities through the management of overseas buyers' business cards and the 1: 1 confirmation service for Korean SMEs wishing to enter the overseas market. The Global 365 system is a service that reaffirms the possibility of trading through a 1: 1 confirmation of a local native speaker's list of potential buyers acquired from customers. We wish to solve any inconvenience with genuine ideas and technology. We are certified as venture firm and participated as government supporting firm. We do possess an unique know-how and world leading technology from years of experience. We aim to set ourselves as a power plant service specialist. Furthermore, we are preparing ourselves to become a total engineer service provider, capable of providing our clients with one stop service from drawing and purchasing to construction. In order to achieve this dream, we are trying to establish ourselves as a technology-centered company and create a new value for the company and, at the same time, we are investing heavily in R&D and manpower with high quality. We believe that we can expand ourselves into playing a role in global market with our continuing effort to get better.
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