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Kinematics Tex Tattoo

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    120 ea
  • Country of sale
    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East
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  • Brand
    Model Kinematics Tex
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    5cm X 5m
  • Material
    Fabric-Cotton,Poly / Adhesive-Acrylic
  • Weight
    90 Gram / 1 Unit
  • Function
    Sports / Rehab / Teraphy / Medical
  • Expiry Date
    4 years from produce date
  • Condition
    Best Quality
  • Features
    Flexible / Water repellent / Strong Adhesive
  • Gender
  • age-appropriate
    All age

About Kinematics Tex (Tattoo)

Colors : Beige / Blue / Green / Pink / Orange
Size : 5m X 5cm

Our most customers use our kinematics for their exercise , rehab and self body careering.
We are ready to make a good partnership with you.
If you become our one of distributor we can make synergy for each other.
So please reference business collaborate with us.
I attached our catalog and brochure.
We have our own manufacture factory in South Korea. We manufacturing below products.

Also I attached our catalog and detail of Kinesiology Tape.

“Kinematics Tex (Kinesiology Tape/ Muscle Tape)”
(Using at clinic and therapist or athletes)
CE MDD, TUV, KFDA certification confirmed

Kinematics Tex is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive. Therapeutic kinesiology tape that can benefit a wide variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries, plus inflammatory conditions.
Kinesiology tape is almost identical to human skin in both thickness and elasticity, which allows kinesio tape to be worn without binding, constricting or restriction of your movement.

100% made from a gentle cotton fiber strip
100% medical grade acrylic adhesive
100% latex-free
Does not limit range of motion
Multiple day wear time.
Tension on tape has the ability to relax or stimulate muscles.

Skin friendly and 99% same with original ‘Kinesiology tape’. Tattoo designed ,
and Sports Muscle Tape is the best-seller in the world.
For more information of this taping therapy, please refer to our web-site.



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  • Name : Young-Wook Kim
  • Tel : 82-226311810
  • Email : joanne@spolkorea.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • Seonyu-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (07294)
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  • The person in charge

    Young-Wook Kim
  • Telephone

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  • Address

    Seonyu-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (07294)
I’m pleased introduce Our Products. This is ‘SPOL co., ltd’, we are located in South Korea. We are muscle & sports tape (Kinesio) manufacture company and we sales our products overseas. we can produce products by OEM. We have our own manufacture factory in South Korea. We manufacturing below products. “Kinematics Tex (Kinesiology Tape/ Muscle Tape)” (Using at clinic and therapist or athletes) CE MDD, TUV, KFDA certification confirmed. We started this business since 1999, and we developed and studied Cooling gel and Kinesiology tape over 10 years. After that, we finally developed our own and more reasonable products in this field. Now, we hope to make a great business relationship with you. Hope to make a trustful and long run relationship.
  • Business Type :
  • Main Product :
    KinematicsTex / Efecto Cool
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~2 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people


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SPOL Seller's Store
  • Response Level
      41% ~ 50%
  • Supplier Level
      1~5 billion (KRW)
  • Transaction Level
      less than 5
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  • Kinematics Tex Kinesiology tape muscle tape
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