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EUNYUL Foot Care Stick

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    Republic of Korea
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    53x29x88mm / 63g / 100pcs/box
Low irritating plant components strengthens the rough, tired skin. It is quickly absorbed without irritation and soothes the skin. It provides smooth skin. Long-stay effects and ease of use. It works fast, so you can feel the sedation. Unlike the sticky and dry lotion, the skin quickly absorbs sufficient moisturizing, mask-cleaning and lasting moisturizing effects in a convenient use. Skin friendly material is quickly absorbed when applied. Apply slightly to desired areas. If you experience any symptoms, such as itching or red spots, it is advisable to stop using them and seek medical advice.
It is made from pure nature. To achieve the beautiful health of everyone, the carefully selected forces of nature are found and given only what the skin needs. It is quickly absorbed into the skin's surface with a very soft feel for use. Natural ingredients that are effective at protecting the skin help with skin care. Effective for skin wrinkles and whitening Natural ingredients that help the skin metabolism help the skin tone and vitality of the skin. The quick sedation of natural ingredients helps to keep sensitive and rough skin soft. Protects the skin against external stimuli while also benefitting sensitive and tired skin. The hazardous components were never used. Keep skin moisture free from plant extract by natural moisturizing and quickly calming. Soft and painless components include microbial growth inhibition and protection from leaving us in the cold.


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  • 36-7, Geumhwa-ro 627beon-gil, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (14980)
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Bangagan Cosmetic Co.,LTD

Bangagan Cosmetic Co.,LTD

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    YoungSik Lim
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    36-7, Geumhwa-ro 627beon-gil, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (14980)
Bangagan is a mill in Korean, used to be a place where people came together to socialize. Bangagan Cosmetics is a place where today’s women may gather and discuss about beauty. From a party given to a hundred-day-old baby to a wedding ceremony, funeral, and a person’s 60th birthday celebration. Rice cake is a special celebration food in Korea. There used to be a bangagan in every Korean village, in which a main ingredient for rice cake was made. Bangagan is where neighbors used to gather and socialize. It was a place of excitement and anticipation as people shared their difficulties and their support for each other. Even now, any guests who come to a party receive rice cake and those who move to a new location are present rice cake to their new neighbors. Where there is a lot of happiness thanks to generosity – We believe that a bangagan represents what Koreans are like. Brilliant beauty products and qualified goods that are released daily fill the markets with excellent trend-setters. The beauty industry of the world now keeps their eye on Korea which is rapidly growing. Like what the company’s name represents, we are committed to developing and sharing the “healthy value” and “beautiful power” of cosmetics. Believing that every woman in the world is great and beautiful, and they have the right to be happy, we will share generosity and happiness of the bangagan with all the women across the world, and move forward together. Thank you.
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    skin care, cleansing
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    11~50 people


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