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  • MOQ
    1,000 Set
  • Country of sale
    Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa
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      USD 4.50

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  • Brand
    Model RCGPS-079
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    6Pairs/Tin case
  • Material
    Hydrocolloid band
  • Color
    White color Tin case
  • Dimensions
  • Function
    Anti-hyperpigmentation for around the cheekbone
  • Expiry Date
  • Package Includes
    All gender
Optimal solution for pigmentation and spot care
The microneedle composed of active ingredients is delivered directly into the skin, eliminating the cause of pigmentation, dullness and prevent spreading

The effect of Acropass, why is it special?
No matter how good the ingredients are, if it’s not delivered properly and absorbed into the skin, it is useless
The outermost stratum corneum protects the skin from the outside, but also interferes with the delivery of the active ingredients into the skin. Acropass has transformed active ingredients into a microneedle with size 1/3 of thickness of a single hair piece by international patent manufacturing method. The needle-shaped active ingredient penetrates the stratum corneum and is delivered directly into the skin for instantaneous efficacy
Effectively remove pigmentation and spots by eliminating the cause with effective ingredient!
The Acropass Spot Eraser microneedle is composed of hyaluronic acid which is a natural moisturizer and inhibitor of pigmentation, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, ascorbic acid, arbutin, tranexamic acid, macadamia seed oil, and dried licorice extract. It works effectively on pigmentation areas caused by ultraviolet rays, aging, and stress.
1) After cleansing, completely remove moisture from the area
2) Remove protective white film from the patch. Do not touch the microneedles in the center during this process.
3) Make sure that the patch is applied where microneedle and skin form right angle. Press towards skin firmly and do not smear or move the patch before or during pressing
4) For every application, recommend keeping it attached for at least 2 hours before removing the patch
5) During the period of using the product, recommend using sunscreen regularly during everyday routine and outdoor activity.
* Must keep the patch on for at least 2 hours for microneedles to completely absorb and prevent redness when patch is removed
* For ultra-sensitive skin, may feel tingling and slight sensation, but will disappear within seconds
*For first time users, may feel tingling sensation but will disappear after 5~10 minutes.
*The orange dehumidifier enclosed in the product is harmless to the human body, but do not consume.


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    • Name : DoHyeon Jeong
    • Tel : 82-23923011
    • Email : tony@raphas.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 62 Magokjungang 8-ro 1-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul (07793)
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Raphas Co., Ltd.

Raphas Co., Ltd.

www.raphas.co.kr/ Seller_Mail
  • The person in charge

    Do Hyeon Jeong
  • Telephone

  • Fax

  • Address

    62 Magokjungang 8-ro 1-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul (07793)
The corporate name, RAPHAS is a combination of two words: Rapha, which means ‘heal’ and Path, which means ‘passage’. This represents our objective to become a path towards healing for all of humankind. The foundation of RAPHAS is closely connected with the aspirations of professional researchers of biotechnology. The efforts of the researchers who have dreamed of developing the practical technology based on each of their knowledge and their research paid off. The remarkable way for enjoying ‘the healthier life, without pain’ is the future of drug delivery system which has been put forward by RAPHAS. The ‘Dissolving Microneedle Patch’ is the new paradigm of drug delivery platform which has solved the problems of those existing drug delivery system. The Microneedle made with the unique manufacturing method DEN (Droplet Extension) materializes the system for allowing penetration through the skin barrier and enables anyone to painlessly and conveniently apply the patch on their own. RAPHAS will open the road to treatment for everyone in the world. RAPHAS own patented technology can be developed into various products in any field needing delivery of active ingredients through the skin. Currently, in the cosmetics market the patches with various ingredients are produced and distributed through the Original Design Manufacturer(ODM) system, and they are expected to enter into the medical market by utilizing the Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization(CDMO) system. The safe and effective technology, as well as the economic feasibility has become popular not only in Asia but also in many countries around the world. RAPHAS’ cosmetic patches have been successfully entered into the markets of South Korea, Japan, the US, the EU, China, and even Australia. RAPHAS’ Microneedle technology, which has drawn worldwide attention, is evolving even now. The future of RAPHAS which started from cosmetics patches is now making the leap toward medicine for topical skin diseases, medical products for disease treatment, and even toward vaccination patches.
  • Business Type :
  • Main Product :
    Trouble Cure
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    More than 10 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    101~500 people


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