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    Model PLARECETA BB CREAM(50ml)
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    Republic of Korea
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    41 * 41 * 126 / 0.08 Kg / 1box/1ea
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    men and womens
JBP Korea has completed the registration of Bonnie & J Placenta Cosmetics PLECETA and PILOPLA (FDA Voluntary Cosmetics Registration Program).
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency that controls, manages, and approves items for food, medicines, and cosmetics by stipulating them in detailed FDA laws.
The products registered with the U.S. FDA have completed a total of 7 types of ampoule, cream, bubble toner, mist, hand cream, and water laser cream from Bonnie & J's placental cosmetics brand Flareseta.
Upon registration with the FDA, the company plans to enter the U.S. market in earnest.

Flaresetta of global pharmaceutical company JBP Korea Co., Ltd. said it was selected as an excellent product for the third consecutive year after being selected as an idea product for the "2020 Seoul Awards."
PLECETA is a brand that contains placenta extracts and uses only placenta extracted by the technology of pharmaceutical companies. In addition, nanoliposome science technology was used to increase the absorption of nutrients and deliver them to the skin.
Flaresetta is a basic line that simultaneously charges the nutrition and moisture of the placenta, and consists of a total of 10 types, including perming sunscreen and BB cream that can block UV rays at the same time as skin care, hands and body, and hand cream, body lotion and shampoo that manages scalp health. Since all products have completed hypoallergenic test experiments, customers with sensitive skin can use it with confidence.
It contains vitamin compositions and various nutrients such as peptides, minerals, and amino acids, which help healthy skin care, leading to inquiries. Currently, Flareseta continues its online and offline sales activities by holding pop-up stores in official shopping malls, online malls, department stores and buildings across the country.[Daily League Lead = Reporter Choi Hangi]

Meanwhile, the Seoul Awards is a reliable award strictly reviewed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Business Agency (SBA), a small and medium-sized enterprise support organization, and selects only excellent products that have been recognized for their growth potential. In addition, the selected products open domestic and overseas markets and support sales growth through various promotional promotions.
Flareseta is displayed in the exhibition hall dedicated to the Seoul Awards of the SBA Seoul Distribution Center and receives many love calls from domestic and foreign buyers, and can also be found at Imarket Seoul You, an excellent small and medium-sized company exhibition and sales store located on the first basement floor of Seoul City Hall.
More details can be found on Bonnie & J, the official shopping mall.

An official said, "Flesetta and Philofla are the leaders of placental cosmetics and are steadily loved by holding pop-up stores at department stores nationwide."
It is a brand that is also sold in hospitals and clinics, he said.
Placenta content 9.68 %, plaretta ampule
It contains hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin. Apply frequently when you feel dry and unrubbed. It also contains betaglucan to help the skin repair, 
so you can apply it and feel the skin texture. 
Platetta cream, 19.36 % placental content
It contains phanthenol (vitamin B) to help regrow skin tissue, so apply it frequently when you feel your skin has lost its elasticity. 
It also contains allantoin to soften the skin texture, so you can feel the skin texture after using cream. And plasteta cream is good for use as night cream because it is a highly-enriched placental cream. 
Pentaplate content 5 %, plasta BB cream [whitening & creasing improvement & ultra-violet protection triple-function cosmetics] 
UV & UVB protection (SPF 50 + / PA + +)
The placenta extract provides moisture and nourishment to help best suit the skin's pre-construction surface and to create a sleek and clear skin by its uniform tone.  It also has a high UV protection index,
 which protects the skin from ultraviolet rays and external stimuli for the skin for a long time.


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 619, Gaepo-ro, Seoul, Korea (06336)
JBP Korea Co.,Ltd.

JBP Korea Co.,Ltd.

www.jbpkorea.com/ Seller_Mail
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    Hongseok Lim
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    619, Gaepo-ro, Seoul, Korea (06336)
Pharmaceutical companies that have studied the placenta, a protective barrier to life, has expanded its coverage to health foods, cosmetics and medical appliances not only with injections but also with components from the placenta. We established a cosmetics brand to share natural gifts with many people. Our company always strives and studies for customer satisfaction. A company that grows with customer satisfaction. It is a company that has become a global company through overseas market exploration and is preparing for export marketing through B2B. Meet a company that wants to grow into the best overseas distribution company in Korea. We want to grow into the best professional company with numerous experiences and know-how. We will repay your support with our best efforts. When many people propose, they hand over flowers in full bloom to their opponents. However, flowers that used to be so bright wither in half a day. Sharing life is more of a process of planting and sprouting flower seeds together and blooming flowers rather than taking a walk in the blooming flower field. Health is also not a trend or an event. It's a "life" where healthy habits are gathered day by day. The constitution is formed from the beginning of life. In other words, a healthy constitution is also made through healthy habits from the mother's stomach. There are no products or generous events that sparkle according to the trend. Also, like a flower in full bloom, you can't do magic of getting healthy right away. However, what we can give confidently is the seed of "healthy habit." Until you bloom this seed as a "healthy constitution," we will be happy to be with you. I hope you are always full of health and luck. Thank you very much.
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  • Main Product :
    cream, essence
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~3 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    11~50 people

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