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Curiel Handy(Portable eye warmer kit)

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  • Brand
    Model Curiel H200
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Material
    Aluminum&Plastic Parts(ABS), EVA, Jacquard material
  • Color
  • Weight
    340 g
  • Function
    Eye warmer+Handwarmer+Battery
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Curiel Eye  Warmer uses far-infrared and anion to relieve your eye strain in just 5 minutes!

This traditional Warm compress  therapy  is the most effective way for your tired eyes.

The eye compress  therapy can promote the blood circulation around eyes, improve vision, and help the tired eyes to easily recover.

Moreover, it can greatly help alleviate the dry eye syndrome by promoting tear secretion.

In fact, eye doctors recommend warm  compress  therapy (for 10 to 15 minutes, morning and evening) for patients with severe dry eye syndrome.  Also, according to Dr. Olson from Harvard University, warm compress  therapy helps to treat the dry eye syndrome by improving the functionality of "meibomian gland.”

You can immediately feel difference as soon as you use Curiel Eye Warmer and experience much benefit of the eye warm compress  therapy in just 5 minutes.

Compared with other cheap eye massagers using a microwave oven or a refrigerator, Curiel Eye Warmer can conveniently be used anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, unlike other expensive mechanical massagers with a number of disadvantages (for instance, they cannot be used for patients who have undergone an ocular surgery or suffer a high eye pressure; they have difficult product configurations and come in a size that is not easy to carry around), Curiel Eye Warmer provides a practical solution for all the above disadvantages of other kinds.

Other eye massagers contain heating elements and mechanical devices in the eye patch which may come with side effects such as electromagnetic waves or mechanical malfunctions. On the contrary, Curiel Eye Warmer  has no such risks as it only uses indirect heating and cooling method with the eye patch itself.

Above all, this health care aid is also excellent in its basic functionality as a sleep-mask and can be used to induce deep and quality (short yet powerful) sleep.

In particular, in terms of the effectiveness of the eye warm compress  therapy, it is superior to other expensive or disposable eye massagers.

This far infrared eye warmer  is for modern people whose eyes are always bound to feel tired. It comes in several different types including portable type and mounted type (or in-automobile type) and can be selected to meet each customer's needs.
"Curiel Handy Eye Warmer" is easy to carry and can be used in various ways with its distinctive three functions; warm compressor, mobile phone charger, and hand-warmer.
Especially, it is perfect for a travel item in airplane, train, or bus etc. and/or a promotional product for companies, organizations, and so forth.

And, “Curiel Dual Action” eye therapy massager (mounted type) has warm compress and cool compress  functions and is used in popular hospitals in Seoul and Busan for patients who have undergone eye surgeries and suffer a dry eye symptom.

Curiel Eye Warmer relieves eye strain and helps people having sleeping problems to enjoy deep and comfortable sleep.

For further information, please visit the following web sites.


It is believed that a warm compress on eyes can help treat a dry eye syndrome by increasing the oil layer of the tear.

According to his study, Dr. Olson (M.D., Harvard University) suggests that the oil layer can be increased up to 80% for 5 minutes and another 20% for additional 15 minutes when using a warm eye patch (about 40C); thus, it is helpful to treat a dry eye syndrome.

Tired eyes!  Nothing works better than the warm compress therapy!

Tired eyes / insomnia / dry eyes / swollen eyes

Using the warm compress  eye therapy, get rid of those problems within 5 minutes!


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