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Onehand lock

One Handlock Cruets 2pcs x 2set condiment spice jar storage seasoning container

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    Onehand lock
    Model s_cod_2pmt_2set
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    Republic of Korea
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Onehand Lock Seasoning Container 4 Piece Set
Onehand Lock can be opened and closed with one hand.
Onehand Lock offers various installation alternatives.
Onehand Lock was awarded at various invention competitions and patented internationally. 
Handling with one hand
In order to open cruet, you do not need to take off vinyl glove or stop cooking. This unique cruet can keep flavor of seasonings, prevent seasonings from humidity and stop any insect.
Easy installation
It takes less than one minute to affix a cruet set. You can affix it at any favorable place with double-sided tapes and/or bolts. You can place cruet set under closet, side of drawer or on the sink.
Where you want to install 
Under any place, it can be installed under upper drawer of sink or other tall position. 
Over any place, it can be affixed or movable without affixing. 
Beside, it can be installed beside sink or wall. 
Eco-friendly materials.
The material is SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile Copolymers). It was approved by K-FDA and certified by KTR (Korea Testing & Research Institute) for food container. 
Safety : No environmental hormone
Durability : Wash-machine fest, Heat resistance and recyclability
Additional Caps for easier usage
Additional cap is shaped of funnel, which prevents contents in the container from being taken out too much or helps to put contents into the container easily
Dimension of product and its components
4 Containers, 4 Additional caps, 4 Neodiymium magnet, 4 Bolts (M3.5 mm), 4 Both-sided tapes
The design can be changed upon production life-cycle. 


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • Room no605, 6F, JST Tower Seokjeong-ro 229, Incheon, Incheon (22101)
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    Yongwoon Kim
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    Room no605, 6F, JST Tower Seokjeong-ro 229, Incheon, Incheon (22101)
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  • One Handlock Cruets 3pcs x 2set condiment spice jar storage seasoning container