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TRAmp-US Portable Wireless Amplifier

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Portable wireless amplification solution of RMS 50-Watt with USB/SD-Card player suitable for MP3, WMA file format. UHF or VHF wireless microphones come with music over-ride feature and digital echo function.

Powerful RMS 50-Watt Output
UHF863-865MHz 16-Preset Frequency
Wireless Microphone (Other frequencies are Optional)


Special Features


Compact All-in-One system combination of power amplifier, wired & wireless microphone, speaker, rechargeable battery and media player.
USB/SD-Card player with LED display suitable for MP3, WMA file format
Clear sound wireless transmission of VHF-200MHz or UHF-800/900MHz w/ 16-freq. selection.
Real unique and multiple application by one-wireless (Option: two-wireless) & one-corded microphone
Voice-priority function allows all the microphones to automatically override any internal or external sound sources during speech but returning back to normal operating condition immediately after the speech. Priority range can be adjustable from 0 ~ 100% within time delay of 0 ~ max. 1.5sec. This function is really effective for sudden speech requirement without manual reducing volume of internal/external sound sources
CMOS technology digital Echo function with control of effect and level volume.(CMOS: 44K memory / Delay time: 31ms ~ 340ms)
Operation of amplifier by external battery (DC12V/7Ah), i.e., Vehicle battery, etc.
Battery monitoring indicator by 5 array LED showing the battery level.
Independent tone control of Treble & Bass in range of ±10dB
Unit can be mounted on a tripod loudspeaker stand or remain free-standing.
Separate volume controls for cordless & corded microphone and aux function
Built-in rechargeable maintenance-free sealed battery runs extremely long operation
Solid construction and elegant tailored design made by strong wooden MDF for powerful sound output
Comes complete with hand-held or tie-pin microphone per order, ready for use
ABMR (Automatic Battery Monitoring & Recovery) to protect rechargeable battery

Technical Specification


Amplifier Specification
Power Output RMS 50-Watt
No. of Mic Input 1 x Wired Microphone (1/4" Phone jack) + 1 x VHF or UHF Wireless Microphone
Operation Approx. 3 ~ 4 hours (Depends on operating condition)
Master Volume Simultaneously controls Wired, Wireless Mic, Player & Aux-in
Volume 1 x Wireless mic / 1 x Wired mic / 1 x Aux-in / 1 x Player
Voice-over Adjustable 0 ~ 100% / 0 ~ max. 1.5 sec.
Echo CMOS 44k memory / Delay time: 31ms ~ 340ms
Tone 1 x Treble / 1 x Bass Independent (±10dB)
Aux 1 x RCA Aux-In / 1 x RCA Aux-Out
Speaker 6.5" Full range Dynamic
Battery 12V/4Ah Rechargeable, Maintenance-free, Sealed-acid
External Battery Input 1 x 4-Pin Terminal (Built-in protection circuitry)
AC/DC Adapter SMPS AC100~240V / DC 15-16V/3A UL/CE/CSA/TÜV…
Charging Approx. 8 ~ 10 hours
Weight (Gross) Approx. 8Kg
Dimensions 205mm(W) x 260mm(D) x 276mm(H)

Wireless System Specification
Carrier Frequency UHF-863 ~ 865MHz
Oscillation PLL Synthesized
Stability ±0.005% Crystal controlled
Modulation ±15kHz Nor. / ±30kHz Max. w/50µS Pre & De-emphasis
Freq. Response 50Hz ~ 15khz ± 2dB
Max. Distortion ≥0.3% at 1kHz, 15kHz DAV
Dynamic Range 90dB
RF Power 10mW (Depends on regulation)
Max. SPL 110dB
RF Sensitivity 0.45µV for 12dB SINAD
Image Rejection 65dB, Typical
S/N More than 90dB
Squelch Quieting More than 90dB

USB/SD-Card Specification
USB/SD-Card Player Support MP3 with USB/SD-Card
Function Mode, Folder +10 / -10, F / B ward, Volume
External Memory Unlimited





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