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IS4010 - Gbps POS Packet Capture PCI Card

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    Model IS4010 - Gbps POS Packet Capture PCI Card
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*High Performance Capture with Least CPU Load Need a lossless capture card even in full 10 Gbps environments? Suffered from high CPU utilization during heavy-traffic packet capture? IS4010 packet capture card is exactly what you needed. This card delivers all of the incoming packets to your applications without any intervension of CPU. It also provides, stable capture performance in any size of packet. Give chances to all of your packets. Don''t let them be discarded. *Technical Aids & Customize Service -IS4010 card is reception-only which is primarily designed for packet capture and analysis under 10 Gbps POS. This card can optionally provide additional features like packet filtering, packet sampling, pattern matching, and so on. Refer to the service options below. Features & Benefits *10 Gbps POS Monitoring Interface -Support for extensible OC-192c single mode fiber -Support for both PPP and HDLC layer-2 protocols *PCI-X 64 bit Bus Interface -Support for 100/133MHz PCI-X bus clock speed -Higher packet DMA performance with lower CPU consumption *Hardware-based Packet Capturing Engine -Hardware-based packet capturing engine providing system stability and minimum delivery latency -Hardware-based packet snapping and count-based packet sampling. -Hardware-based timestamp feature cooperating with GPS receiver for higher time accuracy *Support for Linux O/S -Support for Linux Kernel version 2.4.x, 2.6.x -Support for 64 bit Linux O/S *Support for PCAP Library -Provide ISN library interface -Support for PCAP library interface (libpcap) Product Specifications *Monitoring Interface Specifications -Interface -10 Gbps POS * 1 EA -Media Type -9953.28 Mbps SMF 1300nm SC-type connector -Receiver Sensitivity -28 to -7 dBm Transmitter Sensitivity -15 to -1 dBm *Monitoring Network Specifications -Point-to-Point Protocol over SONET/SDH according to RFC 2615(1619)/1663 -Supports packet based link layer protocols using byte synchronous HDLC framing -Perform self-synchronous POS data descrambling on the received STS-48c payloads -FCS validation for CRC-32 polynomials -Permits FCS stripping on the POS-PHY output data stream *PCI Bus Specifications -PCI-X Clock 100/133 MHz -PCI Data/Address 64 bit and 32 bit -PCI Modes Master/slave *Hardware Packet Processor Specifications -Full 10 Gbps line speed packet processing engine -Timestamp with 100 nano second resolution -Packet snapping size: 60 ~ 1536 -Packet reception statistics *Time Interface Specifications -Interface GPS interface * 1 EA -Connector RJ45 connector *Physical Characteristics -Height 106.68 mm -Length 312.00 mm *Power Requirements Operating Voltage +5V, +3.3V (+-5%) Power Consumption Less than 30 Watts *Environmental Specifications -Operating Temperature 0 to 55 -Relative Humidity 5% to 85% *Software Specifications -Support for Linux kernel version-2.4.x, 2.6.x -Provide ISN library inferface (Sysmate proprietary) -Support libpcap library interface *Package Contents -IS4010 10 Gbps POS PCAP Card 1 EA -Quick Start Guide 1 EA Installation CD with Drivers, Sample Software and User''s Guide 1 EA


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