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Digital Door Lock

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Product Description DigiLog Doorlock (DLD)? ▶ The opening and locking function uses an analog mechanism - the safest locking method - while including a digital mortise. ▶ It can alternate the opening and shutting of the door mechanically with an emergency digital function in case of breaking out of the digital function. Information & Specification Digital Doorlock Innovation Super-Slim Design 11mm Thick * Stainless Steel Body The stainless steel body is superior and stronger against damage than die casting. * Etching Design Sleek & modern design using the latest laser and etching process A wide range of designs are available to meet the needs of individual tastes. -- Advanced Features -- * Password touch sensor, smart card & transit card - Touch sensor sensitivity is unique and unlike others in the market. - Up to 250 cards can be registered to a single door lock. - Smart cards & transit cards can both be used in Korea and Japan to open door lock (ISO14443 Type A, ISO15693 Type A, & Felica). * Intercom function - Pushing the Start Button for 2 sec (Power On) allows you to hear visitors at the door. * Automatic lock function - If the door is not opened after password or smart card authentication, it will automatically lock after 5 seconds. * Prevention of unlawful entry - Failing to enter the password 3 times in a row correctly will power down the lock for 60 seconds. Moreover, it will signal to an intruder that the security feature is turned on. * Voice guidance service - Guidance of procedure for registration by voice announcement . * Selecting door function (Auto/Open) -The automatic lock function may be deactivated if many visitors go in and out (setting only available while door is open). * Alarm function - In the case of a sensed entry without password authentication, the alarm rings at 80dB for 2 minutes. - When the door is left partially open, a voice will announce "Please check to see that the door is properly locked" 3 times at 10 second intervals. * Fire sensor - When the temperature sensor inside the door lock senses an indoor temperature above 60, the door may be opened from the outside by turning the handle without requiring password authentication. * Digital Emergency Circuit - Includes additional digital MICOM circuit in mortise in case of emergency. - In case of main circuit breakdown or depleted battery, the MICOM circuit in the mortise goes into emergency mode making it possible to enter and exit the room. * Automatic Mechanical Lock - Automatic mechanical deadbolt lock system, without a driving motor. - Possibility of entering/exiting the premises in spite of depleted battery, motor trouble, or circuit failure. * Safety Lock - Safety lock installed on deadbolt to protect against forced entry * Resistant to Electric Shock - Resistance to electric currents up to 30,000 Volts * Low-Power Mechanism - When ID certification is accepted, the deadbolt unlocks manually by turning the handle. - The door may be opened from inside simply by turning the handle manually. - When the door closes, the deadbolt locks automatically without battery power. * Easy Installation & Dual Handle Direction - Separate mortise trim makes for easy installation on all type of doors. - Only one ø10mm hole needed for installation. - Dual handle direction. ▶ Inner/Outer Size : 76.0mm(W) x 250.0mm(H) x 11.0mm(T)/Without Handle ▶ DC 6V (1.5V ALKALINE BATTERY (AAA size) 4pcs)


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