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Damoae Hair Tonic

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■Hair growth and dandruff improving material and its manufacturing method (Patent registration No. 10-0816848)] • Damoae Hair Tonic: Prevention of hair loss, promotion of hair growth, repression of dandruff, improvement of head skin, maintenance of elasticity of hair root and hair styling effect ● Hair Tonic is... - Dry the hair properly after shampoo and shake it 3 to 4 times before spraying hair tonic directly to the head skin two to three times, and let it be absorbed by massaging with the tips of hands. - Though it is generally used once in the morning and once in the evening, you may use it occasionally during daily life if you want hair styling effect, etc. - Using a comb or an edgeless brush (excluding a large coarse comb) which can softly stimulate head skin is also a good method to help smooth and prompt absorption of active ingredients. ● Usage of Damoae Shampoo by head skin type - Oily head skin : Secretion of sebum increases in summer time for oily head skin as it is apt to be irritated by high temperature. As the sebum and dead cells may generate dandruff, care should be taken for shampoo specially in summer time. When washing hair, apply Damoae Shampoo on the head skin and leave it for 3 minutes so that sebum and dirt can be swelled before rinsing. It is better to avoid excessive massaging and use of hot water which will stimulate secretion of sebum. In case of oily head skin, shampooing 2 times a day is desirable. - Skin of head with much hair loss: If shampooing is neglected worrying about worsening of hair loss, the wastes accumulated on the head skin will block pores and will worsen hair loss by causing unbalance of hair nutrition status. Rather than rinsing the hair right after shampoo, it is better to promote blood circulation by smoothly massaging the head skin as if rubbing. - Dry head skin: In case of dry head skin which lacks moisture, if hair is washed too often or if a shampoo with strong detergency is used, it worsens the dryness of the head skin. In a day with not frequent going outs, just remove dust and dead cells by brushing. Use warm water rather than hot water when rinsing after shampoo and avoid staying long in a sauna or warm bath. In case of dry head skin, shampooing once a day is desirable. - Sensitive head skin: As the resistance of skin is weak and a light cut caused by stimulus is apt to develop to an inflammation, rub smoothly as if massaging when shampooing. Also, as the head skin has much heat, be careful not to stimulate the head skin directly. (* As it is a natural shampoo, you may feel that it has less bubbles than general shampoo. We recommend you to use it with warm water and it is better to rinse with cold water once more after rinsing cleanly.) 1.Improves head skin and hair, prevents hair loss 2.Hair styling effect (cilia setting effect) 3.Reassociation of damaged cell tissue 4.Removal and prevention of dandruff germs 5.Supply of nutrition to head skin 6.Maintenance of elasticity of hair root 7.Gives luster and elasticity to damaged hair 8.Makes hair black 9.No side effects being natural plants


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