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Ultrasonic Beauty&Health Care Device Compounded with Middle Frequency&3D Tens

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- Ultrasonic wave

1) Micro Massage
When ultrasonic wave is absorbed in the tissues, there is a huge mechanical sound power in the tissues which is not comparable with any physical element and these mechanical frequencies are generating micro massage effect through changing positive and negative pressure by turns.

2) Heating action
-Frictions which are generated by ultrasonic wave massage effects generate heats inside the tissues.
Because minute vibrations are warming deep parts of body, promoting blood circulation and metabolic changes and subsequently vitalizing human circulatory systems, the effects of pain relief and reclamation could be obtained.
Additionally, thermotherapy makes the fats in the body easily soluble condition which is also effective for obesity control because it resolves the fats with micro massage.

3) Cleaning operation
When the high strength ultrasonic wave is projected in the tissue, the cavitation which is full of gas is generating in liquid medium. In other words, the cavitation is generating ultrasonic wave in liquid medium and continuously added to water molecule with the pressure of 1.2 million times per second and makes the condition where the momentary spaces between molecules appear and disappear and finally makes the bubble. Cleaning function is generating when the vibrations are added to these bubbles.

◎ Effect of ultrasonic wave massage

1) Lifting effect

Skins are largely divided into 3 parts of scarfskin, thick skin and subcutaneous tissue. Especially, thick skin is the layer which composes major parts of skin, and thick skin tissue is composed of elastic or inelastic collagen tissues and plays an important role in keeping resilient balance of our body.

And therefore, if we project ultrasonic wave to the skin, it normalizes activities of collagen and elastin fibers in thick skin through micro-massage and gives elasticity to the skin.

2) Cleaning effect

Ultrasonic wave makes foaming action with minute vibrations and generates small bubbles. With this small bubbles and cavitation effects, cleaning action occurs which discharges human wastes in the pores or skin tissues. Additionally, micro massage will add cleaning strength by promoting metabolic changes and facilitating the discharge of human wastes in the body.

3) Fats decomposition

As I mentioned earlier, reason why I first applied ultrasonic wave to beauty treatment was that I knew that ultrasonic wave selectively and weakly destroys only the fats where I had ultrasonic wave treatments.

In addition, friction which is generated by micro massage effect of ultrasonic wave generates heats in the tissues and there always exists some increased temperature dissipation because healthy blood supply is generally operated. However, because there is no energy loss on the skin or in the fascia under the skin, the portion of deep skin is effectively heated, fats become to be easily decomposed condition and the vibration is added like in cleaning operation, and finally it promotes fats decomposition.

4) Promoting Limp circulation

Limp circulation is closely related with muscle’s contraction and dilation, movements of lung and diaphragm and artery pulses; limp circulation is promoted through micro-massage of ultrasonic waves. And therefore, it quickly accelerates cell regeneration and cure actions and subsequently increases immunity of metabolic change itself. And it is also effective in easing edema through wastes discharge.

5) Promoting blood circulation

Through the heating action, it not only stimulates blood circulation which transports necessary nutrition or unnecessary human wastes in the body but also promotes metabolic changes of cells; and accordingly makes the skin condition where blood circulation is well operated and eventually speeds up blood circulation and metabolic changes with micro-massage.

6) Whitening effect

Because ultrasonic wave has a function of cleaning action, it naturally has whitening effect which adds not only such external cleaning but also skin clearing effects thanks to its various functionalities.

7) Wrinkle relief

As people grow older, cell division capability is decreasing and leading to aging. In other words, functions of sebaceous glands and sweat glands are decreasing and at this time, dead skin cells are built quickly and skin becomes rough and wrinkle is generated.

Cells are vitalized by micro massage of ultrasonic wave; collagen and elastin fibers are normalized; subsequently, thick skin tissues which maintain elasticity of skin are strengthened and the wrinkles are alleviated.

8) Cell regeneration effect

Regeneration of cells could have effects from 3 ultrasonic wave functions; first vitalizes the cells with micro massage and makes blood and limp circulation which helps to grow cells quickly through oxygen and nutrition supply to each tissue. Thermotherapy also makes blood circulation and helps cell regeneration. Finally, cleaning operation brings fast cell regeneration effects by removing old dead skin cells.

9) Removal of dead skin cells

Even though cells can be naturally removed through the functions of internal circulation and normalizing the removal period of dead skin cells, dead skin cells are removed by cleaning operation as well.

10) Hydration

Hydration function moisturizes the skin with minute vibration of 1.2 million times per second and with the choice of transfer medium.

11) Beauty meridian system

Improves blood circulation of the skin through micro massage and thermotherapy, brings the effects of median system, and enables beauty meridian system by stimulating meridian points and meridian systems through ultrasonic wave massage.

- Middle frequency

Middle frequency is generally in the frequency range between 1000Hz to 5000Hz.

1. Stimulating objective: obesity treatment and pain treatment through sense, motor nerves and muscle stimulus

2. Almost no resistance to skins – less repulsive feelings compared with low frequency waves

3. Can stimulate deep tissue more than low frequency waves

- Increasing blood circulation volume in affected parts – Metabolic changes increase – stimulating nerves – Causing muscle contraction – Strengthening muscle power etc.

- Pains relief. Stimulates pain spots of deep tissue in muscles, tendon and articular capsules etc. or foot pain spot. Increase tension of stimulating muscles and circulation. Muscle contractions etc.

◎ Application of middle frequency in beauty care

◊ SIZE decreasing treatment effect: excellent effect on partial obesity treatment of abdomen, thigh and butt etc.

◊ BODY & FACE SHAPE CARE: flabby abdomen, drooping butt and chest, thigh and face etc.

◊ Partial management: any parts can be managed for obesity control

◊ Prevent yo-yo diet: Prevent yo-yo diet through regular exercise and rests

☞ Contraction movement of muscle and regular rest is very important to prevent yo-yo diet.

◊ Muscle movements through electric current and obesity treatment.

◊ Limp drainage: discharge body wastes and toxic materials through exercise effects

◊ Reduction of Cellulite: Good body shape by burning fats in specific parts.

◊ Improvement of elasticity and reproduction: symmetrical balance and elasticity of whole body

◊ Muscle powers increase through active blood and limp circulation

☞ Abdomen dedicated channel of this device has two channels where each different frequencies are crossing repeatedly and minimize skin resistance and stimulate deep tissues rhythmically by applying the circuitry of interference and ECP waves, which eventually brings more effective treatments


3D tens is new concept treatment device which has 3 dimensional spinal cord stimulation capabilities and can be easily used at home with its high quality function.

◎ Spinal cord stimulation treatment of 3D tens

When you place positive Plus(+) pole of device pad on the center of nerves on the upper body and place the negative Minus(-) pole on the lower body and then flow the electric current, you can alleviate pains and senses of disharmony through accelerating blood pressure.

-Function of positive Plus(+) pole

Positive Plus(+) pole stimulates nerves and activates the functions of paralyzed nerves and Muscles.

-Function of negative Minus(-) pole

Negative Minus(-) pole has the capabilities of contraction and cool down to control the functionalities of nerves.

-Through loosening the tension of muscles and based on cord stimulation treatment, improvements of neuralgia, arthralgia, muscle pain and peripheral nerve paralysis and fatigue recovery can be achieved. Because it helps to arrange messy physical conditions every day, it could be a fundamental device to keep healthy conditions.


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