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SensMail is a web-based email solution developed in JAVA based on the standard framework with its stability verified on a large email system.
  • It provides excellent security as it is developed under the JAVA secure coding guidelines and the software development security guidelines.
  • It is comprised of functions based on convenient User Interface (UI) and intuitive User Experience (UX).

Features and Strengths

  • Acquired the GS Certification from the Telecommunication Technology Association
  • A new technology standard (RFC) can be quickly applied since MTA has been developed by the Company
  • Easy interoperability with other systems and short build-up period by packaging
  • Various operating systems and databases supported by Java-based high-performance MTA (email delivery engine)
  • Applies HTML 5-based file upload technology to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc
  • Supports standard protocols such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP, etc
  • Saves encrypted personal information in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act


Main features

  • 01. Multilingual Support

    SensMail supports English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean interfaces. Different character sets are not broken on the same webpage as it supports the standard Unicode (UTF-8) encoding

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  • 02. Enhancement of Personal Security

    You can check the status of personal security through functions to screen the personal security status, confirm access log and check password strength at any time.

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  • 03. Convenient Interface

    With an email interface identical to the Outlook interface you can check email lists and contents at the same time.

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  • 04. Enhancement of Personal Environment Configuration

    Each user can configure personalized skin, Active X, the first page after login, and text button usage.

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  • 05. Detailed Email Search

    It supports a search function to find email contents and even attached files.

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  • 06. Receipt notification / Undo send

    You will be notified of receipt of sent emails and undo sending a sent email before it is read by the recipient.

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  • 07. Cross Browsing

    Without using ActiveX controls it supports the HTML 5-based file upload function.

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  • 08. Large File Transfer

    You can send a large attachment.

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  • 09. Email Search Box

    You can check emails more easily by classifying them to frequently used search conditions.

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  • 10. Backup and Upload

    You can compress email files in each email box to download them. You can also register back-up email files (eml files) and view them in mail boxes.

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  • 11. Confirmation of Countries from which Email is Sent

    You can check the country name and the IP address from which an email message is sent.

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  • 12. Auto-response

    You can reply to an email while you’re away for a business trip, etc. by setting up an auto-response function.

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  • 13. Web Hard Drive

    A web hard drive in folder format is provided as a basic option to upload big files.

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  • 14. Scheduling

    You can setup a regular schedule by confirming a whole schedule including personal and group schedules at once.

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  • 15. Administrator Functions

    • You can monitor the current status of email servers including the server disk monitoring status and the link status at once.
    • You can manage all users and groups.
    • Statistical functions including system load statistics, sent email statistics, statistics by access type, statistics by sender and receiver domain, etc. are enhanced.
    • You can easily set the limits of email delivery engine optimized for email throughput.
    • You can check SMTP log, transmitting and receiving log, weblog, POP3 log, IMAP log, DELETE log, etc.

System Specifications

System Specifications

Operating systems
  • Linux (RadHat, Suse)
  • Unix (Solaris, AIX, HP_UX)
  • Windows 2008 server / Windows 2010 Server
Database Oracle, My-sql
Web server Apache, WebtoB, WebTier(Sun One)
WAS(Web Application Server) WebLogic, JEUS, Tomcat
JAVA operating environment JDK1.6 or later
  • The above is minimum required specifications. Please consult with a person in charge when building a system.
  • Hard disk specifications vary according to email capacity allocation policy and can be built with storage.
  • To configure high capacity email server, system specifications should be decided through consulting.

Recommended Hardware Specifications

Number of Users CPU Memory Hard Disk
100 or less 3GHz or more x 2 Core 8G 140G or more
100 to 500 3GHz or more x 4 Core 16G 500G or more
500 to 2000 3GHz or more x 8 Core 32G 1T or more
  • Hard disk specifications vary according to email capacity allocation policy and can be built with storage.
  • To configure high capacity email server, system specifications should be decided through consulting.

System Diagram (When building high capacity systems)



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