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Swirl Scrubber

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This standard will be applied to the gas treatment system that treats air pollution particulates and
malodorous materials (hereinafter referred to as a “complex gas”). Without any facilities for the
spraying of cleaning liquid and for charging, it operates with the following processes. Air pollution
particulates and malodorous materials will be led through an inlet pipe and a guide vane, with the
help of the air pressure of the inlet air blower. It will be sprayed from a high-speed spraying nozzle
in order to remove pollutants through a scrubbing process in which a deodorizing cleaning liquid
and a turbulence-mixing method will be used. Afterwards, fine liquid drops remaining on the
streamlined impinging disk and the gas and liquid separation disk will be separated and
▶ The complex gas treatment system consists of a gas treatment unit, a blower, a control panel,
and a chemical facility.
▶ The chemicals of the complex gas treatment system will be fed in a fixed quantity automatically
through the control of a densitometer to keep the concentration of the cleaning liquid at a certain
▶ The treatment status by the complex gas treatment system can be identified by checking the
clogged status of the filter with the help of a manometer.
▶The cleaning liquid of the complex gas treatment system will be automatically supplied through
an auto-flow control system when the liquid is consumed because of vaporization or diffusion.

The complex gas that contains particulates and gaseous pollutants will be led into the deodorizing
equipment through the gas inlet hole at the top side of the turbulent-mixing type deodorizing
machine. Large particulate materials will be removed after hitting the impinging disk at the inlet
section. Hitting the impinging disk, the flow of the complex gas will change its direction vertically
into the lower section of the deodorizing equipment and will directly contact the cleaning liquid that
is filled at the lower section. Through this process, comparatively large dust particles will be
removed due to the principle of inertial impaction and direct screening. After the first stage of dust
collection, the gas will be sprayed in a high speed through a nozzle whose surface is 20–50mm in
a rectangular shape. Sprayed in a high speed through a virtual nozzle with the help of a level
control unit, the gas goes through the second stage dust collection process in which turbulence
created by the streamlined impinging disk is applied. Afterwards, the particulates and gaseous
materials will be removed due to the principle of inertial impacting and direct screening. Hitting the
streamlined impinging disk, the cleaning liquid will generate turbulence together with fine
cleaning liquid particles, which will help remove micro particulate materials. The turbulence will be
formed up to the guide vane at the top side of the streamlined impinging disk. At this point, part of
the cleaning liquid will stay around the neck of the guide vane to contact the gas for a certain
period of time to allow the complex gas treatment machine to handle malodorous gases with high
efficiency. Extremely low concentrations of liquid drops, contained in the gas that passed through
the streamlined impinging disk, will be removed after hitting the first gas/liquid separation disk
and screened out also by the filter (demister) installed at the front side of the outlet before being
discharged into the atmosphere. A differential manometer is installed with the filter to check
whether it needs to be replaced because of clogging. The cleaning liquid of the deodorizing
equipment will always be kept at a certain level through the control of the cleaning liquid level
control unit shaped in a helical form. With the help of the densitometer attached to the deodorizing
equipment (PH, OPR METER), the cleaning liquid, which neutralizes chemicals, will be supplied,
and if the concentration is above a certain level, draining and then replenishing will take place.

The turbulence-mixing, complex gas treatment machine includes a gas treatment unit, a gas inlet
blower, a level control unit and a chemicals feeding facility, concentration meters, an auto drainage
valve, and a control panel. All the facilities that will be submerged use products made of stainless
steel because the product takes into consideration the possibility of corrosion. The pump that
feeds chemicals in a fixed amount consists of a PLC program that supplies chemicals of a
required quantity in line with the concentration and an auto-drainage valve. In addition, the lines for
the cleaning liquid and the drainage consist of pipes (STS304).







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