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Well-being Rectangle Frying Pan 5pcs Set + Multi Pan

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Queen Sense Well-being Rectangle Frying Pan 5pcs Set + Multi Pan - Include : Rectangle 20cm, 24cm, 28cm, Round Wok 24cm + 28cm + Multi Pan 32cm - Color available : Black + Wine Gradation - Material made of : Titanium, Zirconium coated - Weight / Tensile strength : Rectangle 20cm : 620g / 24cm : 700g / 28cm : 950g / Round Wok 24cm : 530g / 28cm : 780g / Multi Pan Characteristics : You will meet a coated frying pan of totally new concept Queen Sense Zirconia Frying Pan using Zirconium which as used for artificial tooth (Implant) and for artificial joint, coated with totally new material you’ve never experienced before. With one level upgraded non-stick function and tensile strength excels in existing products, and with its unique and up-to-date design will make your kitchen look much gorgeous and elegant. With reinforced non-slip function, you can use it over the gas range without any worry conveniently. Great Advantages : European design with sense of honor added to pragmatism With basic design of round type for rectangle and wok frying pans and with design for convenience square type of bottom for easy carrying. With concept of bottom for Geen Life Style, it excels in non-slip effect, thermal cohesive and thermal efficiency. New Concept of the Bottom (Geen Life Style) Non-slip Effect / Thermal Cohesive Force / Thermal Efficiency All-in-one type handle angle is designed for easy grab for the users making is much easier for wash as well. With two different colors of handle and pan, making it looks deluxe Zirconium coated giving no harm to human body Zirconia is the material used for artificial tooth and joint, and it’s not contained PFOA when making coating fluid from the first step. With the melting point of 2,700’c, it is generally used for crucible which required ultra high temperature and cold temperature resistant material for its safety. Being as safe as conventional ceramic coating, non-stick function keeps the food from sticking to the pan. Harmful metals such as PFOA, Nickel, Cadmium, and Chrome have not been found. Stronger Titanium coated Titanium is the only metal in earth that can be absorbed in human body giving no harm. For a type of coating, it is much superior than general coating existing; tensile strength is 2 times stronger than iron and 6 times than aluminum. Total of 4 layers of coating with Titanium, Primer, Middle and Top, at the last step of coating, Zirconia is coated for making it last much longer. Functions : With new concept of design such as followings - Design with convenience considered - Easy storage thanks to rectangle bottom under round - Required minimum space - Rectangle = Frying Pan, Round = Wok - New concept of design making it high class product - Relating to bottom design - With concept of bottom of Geen Life Style, it excels in non-slip effect,thermal cohesive and thermal efficiency - With embossed bottom keeps the food from sticking thanks to superior non-stick function to any other competitors - Angle of handle has been designed for comfortable use for its users - Two types of color making it look gorgeous and deluxe!


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