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maccell DOD

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series maccell DOD ink-jet printing system has been focused on various applications and easy to operate. It has designed to impact, fine ink jet printer and adopts separated design, large graphic LCD and dialogue menu. Using Font Reduce Mode, you could get flexible, fine marking within 10-65mm. It is available to use fast dry ink not only on porous surface such as Carton Box, Paper Bag ,but also PP BAG, STEEL, VINYL, GLASS, PVC. Adoption of the fastest and smallest solenoid valve made by Intermac's technology, maccell printhead is guaranteed fine dot marking, not easy to be blocked nozzle, wide applications and it is provided to new marking functions you have never experienced.



maccell Printhead
maccell printhead has adopted our brand new maccell solenoid valve which has back end of technology. It was designed to install and maintain easily with the most compact size. maccell printhead has two types of nozzles, 7 and 16 nozzles. It is available to use both water base ink and MEK base ink. You could select proper nozzle plate according to marking size and ink's type as there are 2 different ID nozzles. New technology of maccell printhead is not easy to be blocked nozzles and adjusted amount of spray inks with spinning solenoid valve. If necessary, it is possible to exchange only Solenoid valve or Rubber needle. The printhead has two different lines for entrance and exit of inks. It enables ink recycle and auto cleaning inside of printhead makes easier. The development of the most compact solenoid valve makes marking speed faster and it provides various range of installation.




Easy cleaning system
Easy Cleaning System is for cleaning inside of the printhead easily. It helps easy maintenance and complete cleaning work. In addition, it is possible to use for a long time with one ink refill because there are 3 types of large capacity SUS containers.

Wave Utility Braket
Wave utility bracket is designed by Inter Mac Marking and has made to solve error factor caused by difference of distance between product and printhead.
It is useful on PP bag, paper bag, drum, uneven surfaces which can not be moved to a certain position. It can keep regular distance between Bracket and products, so it is possible to clean and fine marking on various surface. It also could be mounted top, side and bottom according to your preference.




5x5, 5x7 or 10x7 One line
5x5, 5x7 or 10x7 Two lines
10x16, 20x16 One line
Character Height
26mm "P" Type
14or24mm "C" T ype
63mm "P" Type
33or60mm "C" T ype
Print Speed
Up to 170 Meters/Min(Max) "P" Type
Up to 120 Meters/Min(Max) "C" Type

Data Storage

Text 1000 Chracters/1Line (7Dots, 16Dots)

Memory Location

100 Each Memory Storage Location

Custom Characters 7 or 16(H)X122dots(W) 50 each Graphic data
LCD Display 64(H) X 128(V) Dots Back Light Graphic LCD
Font reduction Font Reduction 0,1,2,3,4or 5 Changeable
Print Function
Date, Real Time, Expiry date, Shift Time, Up-Counter
Single/ Double/ Light print, Repeat print, Print direction
Odd/ Even Counter, Repeat Counter

Hot key Function

Dot size, Print speed, Print delay, Purge


Tone up Keypad 59keys, Dialogue Menu

Ink Container
2.5 Liters Stainless Steel Container(standard)
5, 14Liters container(option)


M.E.K Base "P" type
Water base "C" type

Input Signal

Photocell for Printout, Speed Encoder



90-250V AC 60Hz


Data interface

RS232, RS485


Lan Networking

up to 15 controllers


Operating Temp



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