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Phellinus set

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Jangheung mushroom?

The best quality mushroom in the nation that has grown up by sea wind at Jeongnamjin, first grade ground water, dew, sunlight and the farming association’s efforts.

Jangheung Mushroom has advantages:

1. Organic farming mushroom that has been produced in environment-friendly way at Jangheung, Jeollanam-do.

2. Reliable mushroom product enough to open shop at department stores and discount stores.

3. All kinds of mushroom products that have advantage of inexpensive price have not same quality. Jangheung Mushroom has been produced and packed at Jangheung, Jeollanam-do.

Product name: Phellinus set

Size : Phellinus 250g (430*335*50)

* Features

1) Cultivate Jangheung mushroom naturally at pine trees in organic farming by taking care of it very much carefully.

2) The specialty mushroom product has been admitted by the Government to identify production place.

3) Choose mushroom in length of more than 5cm.

4) Baekhwago produced either early spring or autumn has good taste and scent and excellent texture to be use for medicine and food and to be used as valuable gift.

5) Obtained GAP facility certification, organic farming certification and Jeollanam-do governor’s quality certification.

6) Jangheung mushroom is supplied to Lotte, Hyundai, Galleria, AK department store, Home Plus and other large-scaled distributors in the nation to be proud of high quality and high level.

* Product Classification

- Dried mushroom : Keep raw mushroom dry at either sunlight or artificial drying process to activate vitamin and to have more nutrition than raw mushroom has and to have much better scent. Be convenient to distribute and keep it.

- Raw mushroom : Have fresh texture as well as good scent of the mushroom as it is. Being different from dried mushroom, raw mushroom does not adhere to be good for either snacks eaten with drink or baking.

- Processed mushroom : Powdered mushroom and mushroom slices are convenient for housewives to cook it and they have good use with inexpensive prices.

* Types of Mushroom

1) Baekhwago : The mushroom’s cap has almost no expansion and mushroom texture is thick and cap has been divided like turtle back to have plenty of white-colored area between divided cap. They can harvest the mushroom in spring only. The mushroom has long growth time to be valuable and to have the best taste and nutrition. The mushroom suspends growth in winter and then grows up slowly to produce early spring only. Natural cultivation only is permitted to be very much valuable and expensive. The mushroom has the best taste and efficiency at all of the aspects.


2) Heukhwago : Heukhwago has almost same shape as Baekhwago has, and the former has dark color. The mushroom can be produced two time in spring and in winter, and can be cultivated in natural way only. Heukhwago can be produced when either dew or water is supplied at natural cultivation: On the other hand, Baekhwago can be produced without either dew or water.

Heukhwago has a little lower nutrition and quality than Baekhwago has: Heukhwago mushroom belongs to higher grade mushroom product to have good taste. Heukhwago has similar shape as Baekhwago has, and the former has more dark area than white area. Heukhwago belongs to high grade mushroom product to have sticky texture and good scent.


3) Donggo : Donggo is being sold out the most at commercial markets. Donggo can be produced in both ways, that is to say, artificial growing and natural growing, and it is inexpensive owing to cultivation all the year. Donggo has semi-sphere cap to have either dark brown or black color. Donggo has soft texture and weak scent to make use of it at raw state.


4) Hyanggo : Hyanggo can be produced a little later than Donggo is produced. Hyanggo has cap that has been expanded 50 to 60%, and it has appearance of either semi-sphere or oval shape to belong to middle between Donggo and Hyangshin. Hyanggo is popular like Donggo.


5) Hyangshin : The mushroom has more than 80% of cap expansion to have thin texture, and can be collected over harvest time to be the most inexpensive.


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