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1. Business Challenge

The current evolution of the high speed internet environment and service has diversified multimedia content services on the web. Video and audio contents, the basis of multimedia content services, have been digitalized for supply and use of diverse digital equipments and thus having great impact in our lifestyles through various media such as the website and IPTV. However, illegal piracy and its distribution issue has become a serious matter as digital video and audio contents may easily be pirated. A large number of copyright holders and content providers were victimized by such acts and therefore causing depressions in the contents producing and providing industry.

Furthermore, easy access to adult videos in websites and web hard drives has also become a serious social issue in relation to child education and sexual crimes. Therefore, audio/video contents must be protected through copyrights in order to promote production of contents, create and vitalize various multimedia services. Moreover, minor access to adult videos must be restricted as to prevent further social issues.

We proudly present an automated content filtering system that blocks access, uploading and downloading of harmful and copyrighted video contents to prevent such problems. Furthermore, links to further details are provided after recognition of the contents as to create a diverse system capable of linking media services and thus offering new services.

2. Introduction

The contents filtering system Content AnyFilter™ allows the filtering of copyrighted or harmful video and audio contents in web hard drives and web portal servers that provide various media contents. Its quick contents-identification technology enables contents management and indexing service. The content filtering system Content AnyFilter™ extracts unique features of the original media copy so as to create a database. The extraction process is referred to as audio/video fingerprinting in technical terms. Therefore, audio/video fingerprint is a descriptor that contains condensed information of media contents.

Once the audio/video fingerprint database has been created, query (or search) service may be provided to users. Query audio/video contents will also be systemized according to its features, just like in the contents database, and matching operations will be conducted to compare similar features of the audio/video contents within the database. Distance function is used to search higher fingerprint similarity amongst audio/video contents. Contents having highest fingerprint similarity in the database are selected.

Extraction of Fingerprint

The extraction of fingerprints from audio/video contents may be used in both building the database and filtering users query contents in online circumstances. Extraction of fingerprint is basically the process of extracting identifiable specific vectors from audio/video contents. Therefore, the quality of its function is crucially determined by the selection of identifiable vectors. The selected vector must consistently maintain the identifiable characteristics even if the compression and beat rate has been altered through transcoding.

Database Construction

The fingerprint database of audio/video contents saves specific vectors of original contents data. Furthermore, it is capable of saving related meta-data and service information. The primary function of the database is the storage and management of fingerprinted data but since most transactions are dedicated to searching processes, it also requires database tuning and index table setup to increase the search speed.

Audio/Video Contests Search

When audio/video contents are inputted, identical fingerprints are extracted, identical to the process of building audio/video fingerprint DB. The search process using the extracted fingerprint information is classified into candidate contents search and final contents search. The candidate contents search process is composed of extracting/binarizing audio/video fingerprints in search and verifying candidates using index file information and statistical analysis of fingerprint values for the final contents search process. The final contents search is the process of measuring actual distance by unique candidate value with Euclidian distance and retrieving the contents ID of nearest distance.

3. Key Features

Robustness : Fingerprint information of contents has cognitive similarities, therefore enables an identification rate of over 95% for contents that have been altered through various re-encoding processes.

Contents Distinction : Each of the fingerprint information is identical in different contents as to ensure 0% identification error rate.

Fast Fingerprint Database Extraction and Search : Fingerprint database extracts and searches within short response time. All results are retrieved within 3 seconds.

Fingerprint Database Update : Provides quick access and large database by monitoring the updated video/audio contents from P2P, web hard, and etc.

4. Major Functionalities

The content filtering system Content AnyFilter™ is equipped with the following technologies for diverse contents service.

Contents Monitoring : Automated search system that automatically monitors audio/video contents in registered websites and web hard drives as to block copyrighted or harmful contents. The system has the features of automatically logging into the server of web hard drives and web portal servers to search contents and download searched contents. Zipped files are also traceable and the utilization of knowledge-based database enables contents search, automatic download, and reporting functions.

Contents Identification : Identification function for copyrighted audio/video contents is available. ID, linked copyright, meta-data information and other information of the identified contents are used to provide linking service.

Harmful Video Block : Harmful contents such as adult videos that harm minors and cause social problems may be identified and blocked.

Statistics and Reporting : Database of all information processed by the content filtering system including identification numbers, results, site and location of the query contents is constructed and statistical analysis is conducted to provide daily and monthly analysis

5. How It Works

[Click the image below for an enlarged view.]

6. Benefit To Customers

Copyrighted or harmful videos may be filtered using the content filtering system. The identified contents ID and further details may be linked to provide diverse content services such as media linking service.

Audio/Video Clip Information Detecting and Linking Service : Portions of content data may be used to match meta-data information and other related information. Voice source from card audio systems or from TV dramas can be identified in which further information can be provided or purchased.

Content Filtering Service : Uploading may be blocked when users attempt uploading of illegal or copyrighted contents. This service will reduce illegal distribution of copyrighted and illegal contents.

Harmful Video Block Service : Harmful contents and videos in relation to drugs, suicide and adult videos may be filtered and blocked from play back as to prevent teenagers below age 19.

Automatic Monitoring System : Copyrighted audio/video contents may be searched and reported using the automatic monitoring system and thus protect the rights of the copyright holders and content providers.

Contents Indexing and Search : Audio and video contents with similar contents may be searched. Furthermore, related text and information of the video may also be provided. Related information may be searched using similar contents search function.

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