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1. Business Challenge

The world of the business worker has changed. Today's organizations generate and store vast amounts of information. Whether it is documents, emails, reports, Web pages, XML, or any other contents and save them in various distributed repositories.

But simply possessing information does not automatically generate competitive advantage. The business workers need to easily and rapidly find the right information they require to succeed.

2. Introduction

Reduce cost and complexity, Increase productivity and work efficiency with mutual co-operation.

MarkAny's e-Document Cube™ helps organizations reduce the complexity of IT environments and ensure continuous uptime for daily business work. It provides easy, flexible, effective, comprehensive, and centralized solution to manage internal document in organization with enhanced Security and Reliability.

In addition to fundamental functionality of general DMS, we make it possible to ensure the capability to discover, create, acquire and validate knowledge valuable to the enterprise by providing Knowledge Portal and User Communities based on Web 2.0.

We also enable your organization to better comply with processing daily based work load. Our solution helps provide security controls to prevent unauthorized access to secured documents, ready retrieval of records throughout their retention periods to provide reasonable and useful access by its access control privilege.

With the in-depth expertise and working experience, MarkAny's e-Document Cube™ effectively address the business challenge arising from enterprise document management and has modular structure so that user can deploy the solution selectively.

3. Key Features & Major Functionalities

Enhanced Document Management Capabilities

MarkAny's e-Document Cube™ provides four fields of document management features that enable customers to acquire reliability, productivity, work efficiency, agility, and high business performance.

Effective Document Management: It provides basic features of document management including internal communication such as internal mail, real-time notice & bulletin board.

Business Work Flow & Collaboration: It makes sure that organization obtains work efficiency and collaboration by defining business process and work flow.

Knowledge Tree & User Community: It activates user attendance user attendance to improve high business performance by providing the place to share enterprise knowledge and personal experiences

Enhanced Security: It ensures that digital assets and intellectual properties in organization in secure by enforcing user control and preventing leakage of critical information

Effective Document Management

Easy Operation & Administration: System administrator can easily classify document folders and monitor document transaction by imposing access level by group and user job position. With the pre-defined document classification, the user in organization can access to the document folders and upload and download document with ease.

Centralized Document Version Control: The document lifecycle is managed by the centralized version control by allowing the users to check in / out to modify a specific The updated document automatically has a new version tag and transaction information is reported to the system.

Enhanced Document Search: Integrated search for all documents and information stored on the system. The summary of the phrase including a keyword searched for in attachment files and shortcut by navigation function. The system provides an easy-to-use web-based tool and highlights search terms in documents and enables users to easily navigate.

Increase Communication with Email, Notice & Bulletin Board: To reduce miscommunication and non-accuracy at work, the system provides the specific channel to communicate among departments and user groups such as internal email as well as bulletin board and dash board. It also notice to all related user whenever a document is checked in and out.

Other Features: The system provides personal web storage to store private digital objects and function to manage personal address book.

Business Work Flow & Collaboration

Effective Business Process, Work Flow & Collaboration: For higher business performance, the system provides flexible design tool to define business process and work flow. It enables the user to co-work with other ones of different group or department with the commitment of verification from senior manager. Work collaboration relevant to the user groups is spontaneously required to validate transparency of the work.

Job Report & e-Approval: With defined approval path, the users follow up their task and report it to senior manager. The business process ensures the higher accuracy at work and get rid of redundancy of duplicating work.

Schedule Sharing: Sharing schedule amongst each user is aiming at adjusting available time of the users in advance. It is monitored by senior managers of the users as well. This schedule management is integrated with internal communication channel and SMS as well as synchronized with MS Outlook.

Knowledge Tree & User Community

Portal Builder / Building process: The portal builder is to construct automatically portal pages by building with the Wizard that provides complicate and various knowledge in an integrated and customized format

  • Function for easy portal menu generation and management
  • Function for the presentation of various portal layout and style
  • Function for creation of portal pages using all kinds of port let.
  • Easy and powerful knowledge portal generation in Wig-Zig format

Cabinet Builder / Template Manager: The system enable to generate information storages by types and topics, and accumulate knowledge that learnt from personal work experience.

Knowledge Map manager: It links all related knowledge such as regulation/guideline, work know-how and forms in order to effectively perform works on basis of standard knowledge

User Community based on Web 2.0: Based on Web 2.0, the system provides personal blog to allow the users to manage private knowledge and user experiences. The information posted to the blogs is shared with other internal users and promoted to inc order to make it public to users

rease knowledge mileage. The system also provides RSS feeds of verified knowledge in

Enhanced Security & Access Control

The e-Document Cube™ infrastructure protects the confidentially, integrity, and availability of your valuable intellectual property - while managing the explosion of information experienced today. We accomplish this by combining the DRM (document rights management) solution and application control technologies that solve information management challenges. For small and medium size business companies and even global and government sectors, we offer storage solution that are simple economical, and easy to acquire and deploy.

The right to access generally managed by ACL that is based on company document security level, department, position and user level set up on registering documents, and the right to register, amend and delete can individually be allowed. This aims to operate strict and also flexible document security system.

Support Variety type of formats

To manage various types of knowledge in own characters, the system is easy to add, delete and amend items for storage management and offers extended fields such as video clip, image, text, numbers, combo box and radio button

4. How It Works

System Architecture of MarkAny e-Document Cube™

5. Benefit To Customers

The system is suitable for organizations involved in financial services, government, and healthcare. It is beneficial to organizations engaged in complex business process that involve an array of documents and span multiple users.

  • A flexible, scalable, and highly customizable document management framework
  • Manages all forms of content
  • Automates, streamlines, and analyzes any process
  • Supports connectivity between business systems and applications
  • Reduces the risk of management information leakage
  • Provides data security
  • Prevents unauthorized access to sensitive documents
  • Monitors and tracks document leakage
  • Offers a basis for regulatory compliance
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Safeguards information and assets across the organization
  • Raises overall awareness of the potential impacts to the enterprise associated with security risks
  • Enhances an organization's reliability by safe-guarding intelligence information
  • Safeguards managerial level of communications by preventing any potential security leak to the outside
  • Guarantees consistency of security management by ensuring centralized control and monitoring
  • Recognizes any attempts to use documents illegally

6. Reference Sites

MarkAny has a variety of experience in setting up DMS solutions with more than 160 clients. As a leading company in the DMS field, we are proud of the best solutions and services in Korea

Applicable Area

The system can be applicable to small and medium business and government organization having members not more than 1000 users, It is beneficial to the customer to reduce initial costs to adapt the solution and maintain system with cost effectiveness.

Small & Medium Business Area


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