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Up to 12 square feet of drying space Twelve (12) year warranty UL/CSA approved Easy to use and clean Natural Food Preservation Method 550 Watt Heating Element Compact and Lightweight Computer controlled Heat Sensor Adjustable Thermostat 93 to 158 degrees tray size 17" length x 11" width 1" in between trays 6 trays & 6 mesh sheets included 2 "fruit roll up trays" included. Voltage: 120V 4.5 amps 60 hz #306200 MSRP: $199.00


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  • 803-27, Dokjeong-ri, Jangan-myeon, Hwaseong Si GYEONGGI-DO, , (18583)
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Lequip Co.,LTD

Lequip Co.,LTD

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    803-27, Dokjeong-ri, Jangan-myeon, Hwaseong Si GYEONGGI-DO, , (18583)
Lequip Co., LTD who respects human health and life while pursuing Well-Naturally is small home appliance company highly stands in field of small appliances began in American market at 1998 then Asia, Australia and now even in domestic market. We have been selected as the best hit product brand on America’s largest home appliance magazine (Gourmet) in 1990~2000 and we were placed in rank 16 for the result of recognizing rate investigation on small home appliances in America carried by The Gourmet Retailer Magazine. Also, L’Equip Juicer and Blender have earned public favor on its quality and design at the Wall Street Journal. As these our base, we presented compact design L’Equip Juicer to the public for the first time in the country through the home shopping broadcasting and created sensation to domestic juicer market. While leading commercializing the juicer which used to be not so familiar to domestic consumers it recorded maximum number sale of 200 thousand juicers (20 billion) out of same kind. With this, Lequip ambitiously prepared and presented L’Equip-Snack Master that allowing prepare dry food followed by L’Equip 100% Juicer. L’Equip – Snack Master is product you can make various ‘dry food’ at home easily and very economically and it has been selected as the ‘Test Best’ out of same kind products that are sold in America by Hammacher Schlemmer Research Center of U.S.A. This product selected nickel-chrome heating method (Patent pending in U.S.A), not the existing steel coil method so, it maintains regulated heating status and computer control heating sensor monitors circulating air temperature 60 times in a second to maintains the most suitable drying environment for drying vegetables and fruits that are easy to loose the nutrition without loosing nutrition. Also, meats (jerky) and fishes (fish jerky) or side dishes can be dried easily for enjoy and it is designed for use from 4 stage to 12 stage. It is easy to control temperature from 35℃ to 70℃ depending on using ingredient and it is compact with light weight for easy and safe use at home. Lequip Co., LTD pursuing manufacturing advanced technology products and hereafter we will continuously do our best to develop the best product by respecting life and health of human which is the highest goal of human through constant product development.
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