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Personal Well-being Desk Heater(WL-1000)

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    Model D0702(WL-1000)
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Very Clever Personal Warmer - Healthiful, Hygienic, Economic, Convenient, and Safe

1. Warmer Lower is the world's first personal desk heater which is, with the help of cleverly designed clips, manually loadable, either upright or face down, under your desks or tables and easily detachable to set aside or install somewhere else.

2. Warmer Lower warms your lower body with far infrared rays.
Far infrared rays are widely used in medical treatment for thermotherapy. High-density far infrared rays that Warmer Lower beams from above your thighs will bring you the effect of having a dry half-bath, which is particularly good for women's health.

3. Warmer Lower keeps room air fresh.
Unlike conventional heaters depending on convectional heat, Warmer Lower directly warms your knees, thighs and feet with radiant heat without burning oxygen in the room. It keeps you snug and warm even in the room temperatures 5 ~ 10 C lower than usual. With Warmer Lower, you can stay cool, focused and productive at work or in study.

4. Warmer Lower is very light and easy to install.
Install it under your desk, either face down or upright. Installed face down, it warms the desk surface, too. Easy to install using the 4 clips with adhesive tapes on the back and 4 screwing holes each.

5. Warmer Lower has a wide but very responsive heating area.
In contrast with its lightness, Warmer Lower has a wide heat generating area - 55 x 40 cm which works quickly enough to start warming as soon as you turn on the controller and reach the set temperature within one minute.

6. Warmer Lower can be fine-tuned to your needs.
You can switch its heating temperature to high(90 C) or low(70 C). With its timer-bulit-in controller, you can choose to set its operating time among 3, 6, or 9 hours. It stops automatically after a lapse of the preset time preventing unnecessary electric consumption.

7. Warmer Lower is cost-effective and energy-efficient.
Consuming the least possible electricity as small as 190W compared with 900 ~ 1,800W of other electric heaters for indivisual use, it endures a most permanently with little need of maintenance.

8. Warmer Lower guarantees safety.
Warmer Lower's heating material does not heat up to burning point in itself making it free from any danger of causing fire unless misused. Unlike other electric heaters, it can not be heated high enough to burn your clothes or skin. Its electrical safety has been certified by CE and TUV for Europe, PSE for Japan and EK for Korea.


Product Weight : 2.4kg
Power Consumption : 100 ~ 190W
Product Size : 66 x 43 x 3 cm
Heating Temperature : 70 C / 90 C
Heating Area : 55 x 40 cm
Free Accessories 4 clips, remote control (wired), power cord
Product Color : Bordeaux, Lime
Equipped with a heat controller and timer



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