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Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine (Encapsulator)

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*** Features ***

 1. Remarkably increased Output with Double-Heating System
 a. Cranking up to 5 rpm through Double-Heating System to fully transfer heating to gelatin 
     ribbons the output is tremendously increased, compared to existing maximum speed,
     3.5 rpm.
 b. Running at 5rpm, the outputs of 300mm & 250mm length Die Roll are compared.
     the output of 300mm length Die Roll is increased by 11~16%.


 2. Convenient Clutch Function
 a. Pumping (filling) time can be conveniently and simply adjusted whenever the
   Clutch Function switch on the Control panel is turn on and off.
 b. As this adjustment is possibly made even during operation of machine, minute
   mistakes of operator can be recovered (For instance, in case fill material is captured in
   seam of capsule).
 c. Therefore, operation of machine is not needed to be stopped and to set up again Time
   Gear and Gelatin ribbon, when pumping time is not correct.


 3. Elaborately designed Die Rolls
 a. Using compressed air in setting die rolls, the cutting pressure of Die Roll can be
    minutely adjusted and therefore its abrasion is minimized
Yoke Assembly does not need to be completely separated from the main machine to
    assemble the Die Roll
Guard cover is designed to prevent damage of Die Roll.
Elaborately design for Land Width & Outside Pocket Depth enhances well cut and
    sealing of capsules.


 4. Wider Segment Wedge
 a. 86mm-wide Segment wedge ideally transfers heating to gelatin ribbon and leads to well
20% wider than other Encapsulator.

 5. Powerful Pumping Drive for fill materials

 a. Crank Cam Drive
Designed based on the center of pumping plungers, the left & right piston move equally
    so that content uniformity can be guaranteed for all kinds of capsule.
The strong power of Crank Cam drive never brings about over-load for any kind of
Noise is minimized through sound arrester.

 6. Sanitary geared pump to transfer fill materials from Service Tank to Hopper
 a. Powerful and sanitary geared pump transfers fill materials to the hopper of encapsulation
    effectively from Service Tank.
Since all the parts to contact fill materials are made of SUS 304, it is hygienic and
    complies with pharmaceutical grade.
As it is designed for easy and quick assembling and dismantling, cross contamination
    is  fully prevented.


 7.  Easy and quick Cleaning
 a. As cleaning of plungers and replacement of sealing is so simple, it takes 1~2 hours to
    clean up to prevent cross contamination.

 8. Water Cooling Drum
 a. In the Cooling Drum, as cool water is filled in whole Cooling Drum and circulated through
    Chiller, whole surface of Cooling Drum is designed to be kept constant temperature
 b. It makes Gelatin ribbon well conditioned and prevent finished capsule from being leaked

 9. Chiller for Cooling Drum
 a. Chiller for Cooling Drum can be optionally built inside machine or out of machine.
Since Refrigerant Circulation system is adopted, safety is ensured and the variation of
     temperature is prevented.
If Chiller is built inside machine, workspace is widened and its appearance looks so


 10. Lubricant Oil Supply for Gelatin Ribbon & gelatin Ribbon Pulling Rollers

 a. The supply amount of oil can be minutely adjusted according to capsule.

 b. As the oil is supplied just before encapsulation, sealing capability is enhanced and
needless oil consumption is minimized.

 c. Therefore, cost and capsule drying time can be saved.
Gelatin ribbon can not be lengthened or sagged, because all four Pulling Rollers
    operate and pull up gelatin ribbon to Die Roll respectively with their own
    rotating power

 e. Therefore, in capsulation the defect rate is remarkably low.      

11. Lubricant Oil Gauge
 a. It is easy to check out how much lubricate oil remains through Oil Gauge. 
 b. By installing two separate Lubricant oil tanks inside of encapsulator, two different
    lubricant oils can be supplied for inner and outer surface of softgel capsule (Optional).




12. Control Panel

 a. By splitting control panel into two groups in accordance with the use frequency, the
   convenience and work efficiency of operators are enhanced.  The top control panel has |
   items to be often controlled and adjusted during operation like die roll speed and
   temperature of wedge, while the down control panel has items to be set at the first time
   to start operation.



 b. Since the control items for Tumble Dryer like tumble speed and drying time are
brought into the down control panel, operators conveniently control both Encapsulator
   and Tumble Dryer at the same time and at the same point, without coming and going to
   Tumble Dryer.



13. Air blower and stripper


 a.  Air  blower on the back wall helps softgel capsules go down through the chute to
   conveyor belt easily without being stuck (300 mm length Die roll only)
 b. Differently from a strong brush, the teflon stripper smoothly not only takes out softgel
   capsules from the cavities on die rolls, but also prevent scratches on the surface of
   softgel capsules.




14. Satin stainless stell cover

 a. As instead of aluminum the encapsulation is covered with satin (unpolished) stainless
appearance becomes nicer and fully complies with pharmaceutical GMP regulation.
 b. Since it is not bright, it doesn’t stimulate operators’ sight, and masks oil stains resulted
   from fingerprints.




15. Mangle roller

 a. The speed of Mangle Roller can be adjusted in accordance with capsule size




16. Tumble dryer

 a. Instead of the current medium sized basket (Ø 500mm x 600mm length), big basket of
   Ø 600mm x 708mm length was replaced to keep up with increased output of
   Encapsulator with Double-Heating System (See No. 1 above).  Therefore, the basic line-
   up of Tumble Dryer is consist of

  * Single-deck 9 baskets (Ø 600mm x 708mm) see above photo
* Single-deck 6 baskets (Ø 600mm x 708mm) equivalent to current Tumble Dryer 8

(photo for b.)

 b. Air inlet and air outlet are designed for efficient air flow, and cleaning and maintenance
  are also convenient.


 (photo for c.)

 c. As all the parts to contact softgel capsules are made of stainless steel, it fully complies
  with GMP guidelines.




17. Test Run

 a. Trial production service for 3 products will be conducted to train operators when





** Two years of warranty 



* more information and technical assistance will be provided upon request.


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