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TP2-OEM-CV ( truck and bus ) and TP2-OEM-LCV ( van and coach )

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TP2-OEM-CV ( truck and bus ) and TP2-OEM-LCV ( van and coach )

SEETRON has supplied these leading-edge CV TPMS technologies to HYUNDAI commercial vehicle as tier
1 supplier of original equipment manufacturer since 2012.
The mandatory rule for installation of TPMS on passenger cars is not news anymore in the world.
The news shall be the amendment asking for the mandatory fitment of TPMS on commercial vehicle.
In this respect, there is great interest what is the system configuration and the fitment method of CV TPMS.
Should it be internal sensor type same as passenger car TPMS ?
How to mount it ? These are the hot issue at commercial vehicle for OEM TPMS market.
What about tire sensor ?
The Tire pressure sensor based on valve stem inside the tire is the best solution of OEM TPMS.
No damage during the dismounting of tire and No possibility to break and leakage, robbery !
The unique and universal TP2 valve stem sensor shall be applied to a wide range of vehicles- from LCVs
( light commercial vehicle) through light-duty trucks to heavy-duty trucks ( CLASS 3 to CLASS 8 ) with trailers
or semi-trailers and buses.
The tire sensors are available for large bore valves as well.
The TP2-OEM Difference
The TP2 system goes where no other TPMS has gone before.

The semi-auto location of each tire
Auto pairing function
Parking supervision
Connection to trailers ( semi-trailer and full trailer )
CAN SAE J1939 and serial communication

The OEM cluster has been developed by truck and bus manufacturer and it shows the tire pressure and temperature
and warns of low pressure and high temperature of tires during driving.
Also, the digital tachograph can show the TPMS information and warning through CAN communication from TPMS ECU.
The TPMS consists of one TPMS ECU, 2-3 antennas slave and tire sensors of same number of tires.
Robust and waterproof in design TPMS ECU, antenna module and repeater can be mounted directly to the
vehicle chassis.
These modules are very compact and very rigid enclosure. The housing and connectors are waterproof to prevent any
damage from the exposed position.
These modules can be installed on the side x-frame and cross member of truck and under x-frame of bus and coach.
TPMS ECU has the RF receiver and CAN communication interfaced with vehicle's CAN ( Control Area Network )
SAE J1939 network for integration.
Also it has a LIN ( Local Interconnect Network ) communication connected to antenna modules.
The repeater has a same shape but it can receive the RF transmission data from the tire sensors mounted on
each wheel and transmit the data for wireless communication.

The Unique valve type design - TP2 tire sensor

In internal fit of tire sensor, the universal solution was the band mounting but it could be broken by the spoon of
tire changer during demounting process and it could not support any automatic tire mounting line process for OEM
Therefore, SEETRON has developed the internal valve type tire sensor. The basic concept is same as the metal
clamp valve tire sensor of passenger car.
In the handling manual of passenger car TPMS, the operator can loosen the valve nut from outside and can drop the
complete tire sensor valve into the tire.
It can avoid any problem during demounting process.
Also, it has been tested in the full automatic tire mounting line for OEM application and manual tire changer at
conventional tire shop for after-market application.
SEETRON is ready to support all kind of wheels and tire valves including large bore valves.

Based on the after-market sales experience since 2006 and CV-OEM, the OEM products for passenger cars are
The concept of unique valve design has been transferred to the swivel tire sensor of passenger car TPMS.
This swivel tire sensor can be able to work to 12 - 24 inches rim and it has the most wide angle in the world.
The TP2-OEM-PC can afford the FMVSS 138 of NAFTA, ECE-R64 of Europe and Korean regulation.
(Integration to TELEMATICS device, Navigation, GPS tracking etc.)

* The TPMS unit has RS 232 or CAN communication to transfer the data and receive the command from the
    integrated units.
* The TPMS unit ready to send the pressure and temperature of all tires at any required time.
* The TPMS data capture shall be periodically from the integrated unit.
* The protocol should be simple to get the data from the TPMS.
* The Pressure and temperature details should be displayed on the display module.
* The display module and the RS 232 or CAN communication should be parallel work.
* The TPMS module is capable to work independent.
* The TPMS unit can work in both 12 V as well as 24 VDC.
* The TPS battery should work more than 5 years
* The pressure range is capable to measure up to 189 PSI for large buses and heavy trucks.


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