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NuriNET II features a fully integrated media management to help teachers organize their work effectively.

The system allows teachers to store and access both analog and digital media depending on the curriculum and then transfer these media files to all or selected student's computers.

Real Education

The system makes teaching and learning easier thanks to a variety of teaching resources, such as verbal and visual monitoring, guiding, real-time correcting, as well as tutoring of one or several students simultaneously.

The system also administers tests and will automatically count, mark and record the answers to multiple tests. Further, the system can display immediately the test results. Student's responses to oral tests can be either recorded on a cassette tape or stored digitally on the server using the NuriNET II-S digital recorders.

Learning in the 21st century will require a sophisticated teaching natural environment that is provided by multimedia systems as they blend sound, image and text. NuriNET II-M can offer today, this blend of digital and multimedia requirements.


 Main Features

The system's interface displays the classroom layout as well as all available functions.

Graphical symbol for icons

User Interface Language: English

Program transfer automatically controlled by the instructor

Simultaneous transfer of up to 4 programs at normal or high speed

6 selectable program source

Model Student as program source

Editing of program sources

All Call function: allows the instructor to speak to all student in the classroom

Group Call : allows the instructor speak to a selected group

Group Conference

Pairing: Selectable, fixed or random

Telephone simulations

Automatic or manual student monitor

Response Analyzer for multiple choice tests.

The results are displayed in the monitor.

Print and save test results displayed.

Response Recording and Digital Response storing

Each instructor can save his/ her laboratory setting for future/ subsequent sessions.

Auto Monitor: the system allows setting time intervals for monitoring of students

Data Management : Teacher and student data, Course data, User Attendance, Test results, Program Management

Capacity up to 62 student positions

Minimum Requirements for Master Computer

Windows xp pro

Minimum 200 MHz or faster


24 MB free space on HDD

SVGA video adapter 800 X 600 (1024 X 768 recommended), 16bit colors


Serial Port


Sound Card

Local Area Network (LAN)

The host computer can be upgraded when new technology

(such as faster processors, etc) becomes available


NuriNET II-S (for student)

NuriNET II-S delivers the future today, via the most advanced didactic software and system facility.

NuriNET II-S is a digital virtual recorder that makes you feel connected to Real Education.

The digital recorder with a dual-track will allow the recording and subsequent archiving of digital audio and video files on to the hard disk in the student's computer or a media server, with no tape to wind.

It is integrated with NuriNET II-M for a perfect multimedia learning and teaching environment or simply a stand-alone workstation.

Additionally, comments can be entered directly via keyboard.

In addition, it is possible to synchronized text with sound, set bookmarks, and digitize analog materials or to convert from digital to analog form.

In a digital lab, NuriNET II-S is linked to specifically designed headset adapter which enables the student to communicate with other students, call the teacher, work in pairs or groups, simulate telephone calls, or give answers to multiple choices tests.



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