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NuriNET AOD – Components (AOD-A)

A new-concept digital multimedia language laboratory system based on MP3 technology

NuriNET-AOD System is the best language education solution which has never been developed before.

It revolutionizes the existing language education environment, which is based on cassette tape recorders, to a state-of-the-art MP3-technology-based digital multimedia language learning system.

As uniquely-designed FTP mode-supported as well as TCP-IP Network-based, this system allows all data from teacher's computer to be processed by digital, which makes high quality AOD (Audio on Demand) function available.


Differentiated Features

1. Accessible to various file lists and elective playback on student unit AOD-S

Student can search audio files from the file list saved in teacher computer as well as his/her own terminal and from the USB external storage device on a wide and spacious LCD Screen of his/her terminal and select one for playback.

The NuriNET-AOD System also supports Unicode (multi-language) so that once the required language fonts are installed, the installed language can be served.


2. Convenience and system expandability supported by USB port of student terminal

Each student's terminal has a USB port into which he/ she can plug his/ her own MP3 player or USB memory stick, which makes free and intensive self-study available.

3. Continuous repetition and multi-speed playback

Teachers can easily edit dialogues to produce a textbook, and students, using the textbook, can practice sentences with continuous repetitions. While playing back the sentences, students can vary the playback speed at will.

4. Powerful test

Teachers can make questions for multiple-choice test as well as speaking test and all kinds of tests can be scored.


AOD-A, consisting of a master control console and operating software installed in teacher's computer, establishes the digital multimedia language teaching environment based on MP3 technology and offers most of the functions available in computer-networked environment, which results in innovative and cost-efficient.


Main Functions

AOD (Audio On Demand) function and management

Allows the teacher to make a database of audio files in the form of MP3 on his/her computer and as many as 64 student to access to that database at the same time in order to search, select and play audio file.

Dialogue practice

Allows the teacher to easily produce a file where there is an interval between the dialogue for student to record his/her practice and the student to play the file where original sound and student's voice are recorded.

Testing and score management

Multiple-choice and speaking test

Language-learning-exclusive media player

Media player with various functions for studying foreign languages, such as bookmarks, play back speed control, drill and etc.


Student terminal lock/unlock; Linked program register; User switching; Student group placement; Seat placement; Attendance check; Web browser; Opening of document files and Electronic board function; Intercom.; Individual/group/class call broadcasting), Real-time video transmission to individuals/ groups/ classes (requires installation of a video board in master control console and monitor in student's seats); Student presentation; Server volume control; Memory checking and formatting on student's terminals; File transfer (digital), Pair study; Multi-channels (up to four)



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