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Central Vacuum Cleaning System

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Product overview
The CVC series are centralized vacuum cleaning systems that are widely used in large-spaced factories, offices, and clean rooms.
Portable cleaners which are commonly used at industrial sites are inconvenient, because heavy cleaners should be pulled around. They may also emit fine dust which may harm workers during cleaning work. 
On the contrary, the CVC series enables easy cleaning by connecting a cleaning hose to them. In addition, the workers can be free from worries about fine dust, because the cleaners can be installed outside of work area, far from workers. 
In addition, the CVC series features powerful turbo motors that have a high suction force. They enable complete cleaning, because they can take in small and heavy stone powders or metal powders at a very high suction efficiency.
Product features
Convenient cleaning
With this product, workers do not need to pull around heavy cleaners. This product can be easily used by moving the cleaning hose only, or by installing a hose reel on a wall.
Inverter control system (optional)
Micro switches mounted at the intake holes secure necessary RPM of the vacuum blowers within the range of the maximum allowable number of intake holes. This product features stable suction force, and requires minimal power consumption.
Automatic filter cleaning system (Air Pulse Jet System)
The air pulse Jet system automatically blasts high-pressure air for dedusting the filters, which increases dust collection efficiency, enables 24/7 operation, and extends filter life.  The operating time of the air pulse jet system can be adjusted at the operator's discretion.
High-efficiency fans of dedicated design
This product features strong suction force and low-noise operation, because it has high-durability high-efficiency turbo fans.
Digital differential pressure gauge
This gauge enables the identification of contaminants, replacement timing of the filters, etc., so that the operator can manage it safely and conveniently.
Automatic shut-off function for equipment protection
When it is necessary to replace or clean the filters, this function automatically shuts off the product for protecting it, and sounds buzzer for alarming.   (In this case, the product operation is resumed when the filters are replaced or cleaned.)
Easy maintenance
This product is designed for easy maintenance by mounting the devices requiring maintenance such as the filters, the air pulse valves, and the air tanks to the front of the product. In addition, the filters can be replaced easily without any tool.
Automatic dedusting function after operation
After the operation of the product is completed (fan motor off), the air pulse jet system automatically cleans the filters, which increases dust collection efficiency, and extends filter life. (The dedusting time can be adjusted.)
High scalability
1) The location of the intake hole can be modified to meet the environment of work sites.
2) This product can be manufactured with various capacities and shapes to meet the situation of work sites and customers' requirements.
(rotary valve, butterfly valve, slide gate etc.)
Filters of maximized filtering area
The filters are made of polyester fabric that has a high frictional strength and tensile strength. With the cartridge-type design having maximized filtering area, the filters can collect fine scattered dust. Various options such as polyester (for general dust) and 3D Porex (for fine dust) are available to meet the properties of subject dust.
These products are suitable for food/pharmaceutical/electronics factories requiring a high level of cleanness, and general factories having a large area to be cleaned, as well as steel mills, cement plants, and casting factories having a large amount of substances to be cleaned.



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We are a leading manufacturer of environmental pollution prevention facilitie in south Korea. We have over 300 standard dust collectors with 25 years of experience and technical skill. Based on these strength, we are providing various kinds of customized dust collectors.
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