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Looking for high-quality UV Nail Gels?
Still not satisfied with other Nail gel brands?

             Want New and outstanding UV nail gels?


       Here is



ESTILO is a premium nail product developed with advanced technology and know-how. ESTILO is an innovative nail care product and suitable for both amateur and professional nail artists. It features a UV gel series and polish series. You can now experience the highest quality, colorful colors and a diverse range of nail care products which are absolutely stunning and reliable.

We would like to present you ESTILO, which is all about your nails.   




ESTILO UV Color Nail GEL uses top-quality base material and has more than 70 colorful colors. Our UV GEL is also quite stable without separation or precipitation of the ingredients. Suitable viscosity makes easy to control and apply the gel onto the nails easily and safely.

This gel perfectly fits the demands of amateurs and professional nail artists alike.


u  Use high quality material

u  Easy to use and long-lasting and gloss finish (about more than 3wks)

u  Self leveling and creates a beautiful natural looking nail

u  Ideal for professional use or home use

u  A smooth overlay and create the perfect shape

u  More Shinny and Glitter effect

u  Can be used to build colorful UV nail gel

u  75 different colors



Product Specifications:


l  Formulated for: Amateurs and professional nail artists

l  Product Composition


Total 75 Colors,  Net 5ml X 10colors, 2 empty jars /kit box


-          ESTILO No.1 Vivid Colors Kit Box

-          ESTILO No.2 Pearl Colors Kit Box

-          ESTILO No.3 Glitter Colors Kit Box

-          ESTILO No.4 Pastel Colors Kit Box

-          ESTILO No.5 La Dolc Vita Colors Kit Box

-          ESTILO No.6 Shiny Senorita Kit Box

-          ESTILO No.7 Nude Colors Kit Box

-          ESTILO No.8 Neon Colors Kit Box


l  How To Apply :

        1.       Push back the cuticles

        2.       With ESTILO file, remove all shine from nails and shape the free edge. 

         Make sure that nails are free of dust.

        3.       Apply a very small  amount of Base Bonder(Primer) to the nail bad

        4.       Apply the coat of one clear gel. Start at the cuticle and stroke down like polish. 

        Reply more at the stress point for proper strength and shape .Add more gel to smoothen free edge and make sure no gel is touching the skin. 

        If it is, clean it off with an orange wood stick

        5.       Cure the clear gel for 10~20 seconds, do not remove tacky later

        6.       Now you can apply color gel, Apply it just like a nail polish. Cure the color gel for 60 seconds under UV lights

        7.       Once more applying a very small amount of color gel to the nail bad and cure full 180 sec under UV light. (This make your nail color stay long)

        8.       Apply a thin clear gel  on top  of the nail and cure for 180 sec.

        9.       Clean the nails with a cleaner

       10.   Should you find that some gel has touched the sides or the cuticle area, remove with a ESTILO file and then buff  until smooth

       11.   Clean the nails with a cleaner to remove dusts

       12.   Apply a very thin of top gel clearly, cure for 180 sec.

       13.   Apply cuticle oil, if you want and your nails are done 


l  How To Remove (Soak-off Gel Direction):

       1.       Make a little hole with a ESTILO file in order to flow acetone into it

       2.       Wet cotton with ESTILO gel remover or pure acetone and the put  it on the nail

       3.       Cover the nail including the cotton with foil

       4.       Leave it 5 ~ 10 minutes according to thickness of nail gel

       5.       Take the foil off from the nail

       6.       Remove still remaining nail gel  with an orange wood stick or a pusher right after the foil off

       7.       Sand the nail smoothly with a ESTILO buffer and file after remove  remaining  gel

       8.       Apply cuticle oil if you want and then your nail is finished.


l  To get a better effect:

ESTILO nail tools will assist your nail art with ESTILO nail product perfectly.


Target Customers

l  Target

Speically designed for both amateur and professional nail artist

Those who are interested in UV nail gel system

Beauty salon

Nail care shop

Nail Academy

Anyone else interested in ESTILO Nail Products

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