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UC INSIGHT SG, which is positioned right in front of VoIP internal network being protected, is VoIP intrusion detection system, which is filtering SIP message that is entered into the internal network and, which performs critical security features of pattern matching. It also controls SIP-based access or blocks forged or altered messages and abnormal infringement like DDoS and spam calls.


UC INSIGHT SG, which is “Internet Telephony (VoIP) Dedicated Firewall”, was developed first a in Korea to protect setting of SIP numbers like BcN, IMS, VoIP, and UC, and to protect RTP media transmission protocol-based services.



Access control
- Access control by Departure IP, Departure URL, Destination IP and Destination URL
- Organization of various access rules depending upon SIP Request/Response, Method and Status cord 
DoS/DDoS/Scan intrusion detection and block      
- SIP based abnormal Flooding DoS detection and block via message based profiling
- Various Scan and DDoS detection features depending upon setting of policies 
Spam attack detection and block  
- Spam Call Detection and Block via Call based profiling  

SIP message counterfeit and falsification detection and block 
- Cell-phone message based Fingerprint production, unidentified SIP message detection and block  

Call Flow Learning Function     
- With Flow learning of every Call, detection and block of abnormal Flow unidentified with learned Call Flow 

Detection and block by signature     
- Signature Update for real time attack via Live Update
- New signature production feature via administrator definition     

RTP attack detection and block   
- Attack Detection and Block from RTP Flooding, SSRC Collision, RTP Insertion 



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monitorappMONITORAPP CO., LTD.

monitorappMONITORAPP CO., LTD.

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    27 Digital-ro 27ga-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul (08375)
Monitor Lab was founded in 2005 to research and develop a variety of application security and acceleration technologies such as Web, DB, and VoIP based on its own high-performance application proxy technology to ensure rapid and secure application delivery. Currently, most companies and public organizations in the field of domestic web application firewall use AIWAF, and more and more customers are using AIWAF to protect their web servers in Japan, Southeast Asia and other overseas markets. In addition, AIDFW, the integrated DB security gateway developed for the first time in Korea, is fully integrated with AIWAF to protect the DB and Web server from various paths. A collaborative relationship with an experienced response channel organization and a response team comprised of Monitor Labs security experts is a solid foundation for accurately understanding and quickly meeting customer needs. Monitor Labs is committed to creating a faster and safer business environmentbased on its own high-performance proxying, profiling, associative and threat intelligence technologies. APPLICATION INSIGHT technology is a key infrastructure technology common to Monitor Lab products, protecting the seventh layer of applications. Monitor Lab users can use the APOS INSIGHT technologythrough the AIOS Platform and the integrated management interface to protect and manage the application layer. APPLICATION INSIGHT technology delivers five key technologies. 1) AIOS Platform: AIOS (APPLICATION INSIGHT OPERATING SYSTEM) is a common platform for all monitor products. Maximizing product updates and manageability, AIOS leverages Monitor Lab's rich security technologies (Proxy / Profiling / Correlation / TI). Abnormal traffic guarantees zero latency and provides unequaled normal traffic processing technology of less than 10ms. Bypass module is configured to maintain stable service even in case of system failure. 2) Proxy Technology: Proxy is a function that performs communication between server and client instead. Use a proxy for a variety of reasons, such as storing the cache to increase web server accessibility, applying network or content access policies, or even avoiding IP traces. MonitorLab's 12 years of industry-leading proxy technology provides flexible and reliable control of high-volume traffic, high-speed processing of encrypted traffic, and a variety of configuration environments including reverse / forward / transparent proxy. 3) Adaptive profiling techniques: Existing signature matching methods that block malicious traffic through DB allocation are not enough to cope with evolving new / variant malware, but profiling techniques complement it. Profiling technology minimizes existing false positives by preventing unknown web attacks as well as unknown traffic based on profile data generated by learning traffic. 4) Correlation Technology: It is noted that the user's IP address and input parameter value recorded in web attack detection log data can be judged to be related information when the query value recorded in DB attack detection log data is the same Correlation technology developed provides additional security information by analyzing the correlation between URL, IP based request information, SQL based query information and connection time through data mining. 5) Threat Intelligence: MonitorLabs security intelligence, Application Insight Cloud Center for Threat Intelligence (AICC for TI), is configured and operated in the cloud and is enhanced through the process of malicious code collection, analysis, processing and sharing. AICC for TI collects and processes unstructured data from multiple paths to provide critical information that can be used to share information gained through post-mortem analysis of damage cases to proactively respond to future attacks.
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    Knowledge Service
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    AIWAF, AIWAFVE, AISVA, AISWG, Harmful site blocking solution, IT Solution Service
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    6~7 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    51~100 people



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